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Oct 24

Legacy is a Word

  Legacy has been my focus word for 2016. The word has helped me keep my mind open to how I might live in order to leave this world a teensy bit better for me having lived in it. By focusing on the word legacy this year, it has inspired me to write books, to …

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Mar 16


Last month (here) I wrote about my one word in faith for 2015—Nike. That one word reminds me to “just do it.” I wrote, that part of “just doing it” is taking that first step out.  After that first step, then what happens? It’s then time to evaluate. Did I survive? Did I make forward movement? Is …

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Feb 27

JUST DO IT: The First Step

Obedience. It’s sometimes tough. Sometimes we don’t want to do something. Sometimes we don’t think we are capable. Sometimes we just want God to take over and make it happen. Sure, God could do it for us or to us or instead of us. But if we’re talking about obedience, then God requires something from …

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