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Oct 16

TEMPLE: Refocusing

  Each year I and other people around the world hold on to one single word throughout the year. That focus word helps us keep a thought, concept, goal or encouragement in mind throughout the year with hardly any effort.  This year my focus word has been temple.  Through the focus word temple, over the last …

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May 01


Today we continue to meditate on ways our lives might be similar to the life of the very first woman God created.  Today’s meditation points expand on thinking about “our place in God’s World.” In what ways do I try to hide from God? Adam and Eve hid among the trees when God was looking …

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Jul 17

FOR FAITH: OZ AND I–Exercising My Will

This morning Ozwald Chambers whacked me with the following words: “I cannot give up my will—I must exercise it, putting it into action. I must will to obey, and I must will to receive God’s Spirit.” The first part of what Oz said made me nod. Sure, I knew that. Surrender doesn’t mean giving up …

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