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Jun 26


It’s the end of June. One half of 2017 is now (almost) over. Did you set goals in January? How are you doing moving toward achieving them? At the beginning of Q2, my husband encountered some serious health issues. At that time, I made the conscious decision to put all of my writing goals on …

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May 29

Goals and Dreams

Sea Dreams illus

  Toward the end of last year, I went through the process of creating a life plan, following the ideas set out in the book Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy. My review of that book is here. One part of my plan was to return to my love of writing and illustrating for children. Since I hadn’t illustrated …

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Apr 10

TEMPLE: My Health/Your Health

Last month, I announced my 2017 health goals and said I’d return this month to review and revise in an effort to encourage you in your own health goals. Our 2017 health goals are something to work toward for the entire year though, which means, I (and you) still have almost 9 months left to …

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