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Here are a few things people have said about my books. If you have read one of my books and liked it, I would love for you to leave me a comment here or post a review over at Amazon.com by clicking on the “Write a Customer Review” button beneath that book. Thank you !


Counting Blessings:


Review by N.S.

My son and I love this book! Counting Blessings uses a rhyming narrative to teach your child about the blessings God gives us. Each number (1-10) is matched with a set of hearts so you can count them with your child (or at least that’s what we do!) and each picture page contains at least one heart for your little one to find!

We always wrap up the book with me telling my son what a blessing he is to me and once he get’s a bit older, I plan on asking him to share a blessing that he is thankful for. Counting Blessings gives me yet another opportunity to teach my son how much he is loved, by God and by me. Counting Blessings teaches your child about the blessings God gives us and what a blessing your child is to you!


With Faith Like Hers series: 

5 NEW BOOK COVERS flat and 200 dpi

Review by C.A.

I love your books.


I am Elizabeth: 


“I am Elizabeth” is the fifth book in Carol Peterson’s series “With Faith Like Hers.”  Each book focuses on one particular woman mentioned in the Bible.  The story of Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, is covered in Luke 1: 5-80.

While these verses might seemingly only share a brief insight into the life of Elizabeth, Carol Peterson demonstrates the depth of the Scriptures by sharing the lessons gleaned from Elizabeth’s life and she applies these lessons to our lives as modern woman.   Lessons that especially resonated with me include God can use me no matter what my age, that my life is divinely orchestrated, and I can trust in God’s promises.

This 28 day study is structured well for use either for an individual or for a women’s group study.  The questions at the end of each chapter are thought-provoking and help to kindle spiritual growth by applying the lesson to one’s own life and circumstances.   Reading this series, reading this book, gives me appreciation for the wisdom and spiritual guidance that can be gleaned from studying the Bible.   “I am Elizabeth” encourages me by showing through Elizabeth’s life that God loves and knows each of us personally.



I am Ruth :


Review by M.P.

In 28 lessons, Carol Peterson shows how the ancient Biblical story of Ruth can guide us in living a godly life in modern society. The book encouraged me because lesson by lesson she highlights the life of Ruth as an example of what a life of faith looks like. Peterson’s examination of Ruth’s life, a simple and common life filled with tragedy and hardship, affirms that I have a heavenly Father actively involved in my life because I am His child. God’s blessings and guidance in Ruth’s life are relevant to our lives today because it shows He cares for all people, even those our society overlooks.

The book is also valuable as a group study. The questions at the end of each chapter are poignant for discussion to stretch spiritual growth and insight.

Review by T.R. 

I love the story of Ruth, and Carol Peterson has once again written a wonderful resource to make the age-old story come to life. She has a gift for taking biblical truths and offering practical application for 21st century living. My daughters have been especially blessed as Peterson has helped them see Ruth as a friend or even role model. I highly recommend this book as a devotional or as a study for a women’s small group.


Review by K.S.

Author Carol Peterson’s books in the series With Faith Like Hers just keep getting better and better. The first I read was the one on Esther, then the one on Eve, and now I have just finished reading I am Ruth. Like the book on Esther, the twenty-eight days of the study of Ruth are divided into sections of related topics (My Circumstances, My Characteristics, My Outward Actions, etc.). This organization makes the lessons easier for the reader of the book to absorb. Another striking thing is that the author seems to be opening up more and more in sharing about her own life with each book. Even though I am a guy — yes, I will mention it again in this review, a guy and an Eastern Orthodox Christian monk — it made a big impression on me when she mentioned a piece of authobiographical information at the beginning of chapter four:

As a child, our family moved every year or two. That meant I was always the new kid on the block. At some point, I decided that since I would be moving in a few months, it really wasn’t worth putting too much effort into developing friendships

She relates this, of course, to the story of Ruth, who moves as a foreigner to the land of her mother-in-law. But when I read what she said, I exclaimed to myself, “How strange! What the author says about her own childhood sounds a lot like my own childhood!” I’m sure that other readers will find similar passages in this book, which connect them both with the story of Ruth and with the meditations of the author.

Review by S.O.

I have had the privilege of reading several of Carol’s Bible studies and this one does not disappoint. She brings an insight to the character of Ruth which few are able to do. It was a joy to read it. I am looking for more from this talented student of God’s word.


I am Mary:


Review by P.B.

While I have always held Mary in awe and high esteem as the blessed mother of Jesus, by reading this book I got to know Mary as more than a name in a Christmas song or a painted Madonna with a halo around her head; I got to know her as a fellow believer. Ms. Peterson takes traits from the character of Mary and circumstances from her life and reveals lessons that are applicable to our own lives.

“I am Mary” is Carol Peterson’s fourth book in the “With Faith Like Hers” Bible study series. Each book looks at a different woman from the Bible in a 28 day study. Using their Biblical stories, Ms. Peterson has personalized these women so that I have a deeper feeling of kinship with them. This book is great for both an individual read or a group study.

Review by C.S.

As I started reading Carol Peterson’s study I Am Mary, I couldn’t help but think “What could a guy learn from a study about a woman?”

Well as it turns out a lot. Carol’s insight into Mary’s life and experience is translatable to anyone. Mary may have faced a pretty unique situation but how she handled herself gave me pause to think about how I respond to the situations God puts in my life.

This book is designed as a 28 day devotional study. It is suitable for individual and group use or as a short message for a meeting. It is sure to encourage discussion.



I am Eve:


Review by M.P.

What can the Bible teach us? Carol Peterson’s book “I am Eve” is a testimony to the depth of the knowledge we can glean from digging into the Word of God. The book starts from the commonly held premise that it was Eve’s stupidity that caused man’s downfall into sin and in a 28 day study will lead the reader to a better understanding of God’s love for us and His gift of forgiveness and mercy. The book showed me how we are like Eve and how her struggles are my struggles. I have a new respect for Eve, the first woman, and accept that God’s forgiveness of her sin means God’s grace is also sufficient for me. From these lessons, Eve’s life is an encouragement and a guide to mine so that her faith can be my faith. I live as a woman of faith. The book is structured well for a group Bible study as well as personal study. The questions at the end of each chapter help apply the lessons to one’s own life and circumstance and can provide a wonderful opportunity of healing in a safe and confidential study group.

Review by J.S.

As I began this women’s study, my first thought was, “What can be learned from the life of Eve? After all, according to the Bible, the fall of man is laid at her feet. What more can be said?”

I was in for a surprise! Peterson’s study lays a solid groundwork for the central theme which poses the suggestion that in essence, we are all Eve. Chapter after chapter drew me deeper into scriptural passages that held gems of truth supporting her premise and offered fresh insight into the life of our planet’s first woman.

Her chapter conclusions pose three questions designed as food for thought and numerous take-aways guaranteed to spiritually enrich the participant’s life. I consider this study well worth your investment of time.

Review by K.S.

After I had read I am Esther, I was eager to read I am Eve, another book in Carol Peterson’s Bible study series With Faith Like Hers. I found it just as delightful. See my comments on I am Esther for the angle I am coming from as an Eastern Orthodox Christian monk rather than one of the “regular” readers the author intended the book for.



I am Esther:

ESTHER front cover

Review by T.R.

I’ve known and loved the story of Esther for most of my life, but after reading Carol Peterson’s book I Am Esther, I feel as if I am personally acquainted with this Old Testament heroine. I initially began reading the book in order to recommend it to some of our ladies’ Bible study groups, but now that I have read it, I plan to get additional copies for each of my daughters as well. Peterson skillfully introduces the reader to Esther by relating Esther’s character qualities to real-life events, and she applies circumstances in Esther’s story to events anyone might encounter on a daily basis. She intertwines personal stories to accentuate life application and helps the reader consider the importance of seeing the Old Testament character of Esther as a model for modern-day living.

The book is divided into twenty-eight small chapters that can easily be used in one’s personal quiet time, and I especially appreciated the thought and discussion questions at the end of the chapter. Each chapter concludes with a short prayer that captures the theme of that day’s reading. This book has led me to consider recommending additional books in the With Faith Like Hers series to some of the women’s groups in our church, but as a man, I found great personal application as well. I highly recommend Carol Peterson’s book, I Am Esther, and look forward to reading the other books in the series.

Review by P.S.T.

This 28-chapter Bible study serves as a month-long meditation on the story of Esther. Author Carol Peterson strikes just the right balance between personal anecdotes, scriptural explanations, and open-ended questions to encourage the reader to think more deeply about the story of Esther and its eternal messages about duty, loyalty, community and courage. Each chapter considers a snippet of the larger arc of Esther’s story and its relevance (which is not always obvious) for modern experience. Although the book is clearly designed with women in mind, the meditations would really be helpful for anyone. Peterson comes across as unfailingly kind and encouraging, the sort of person you want to have in your corner. Highly recommended.

Review by W.S.

The author made me feel special–with responsibilities attached. God has made me “for such a time as this.” I like the way she used Esther as an example of how we can apply God’s word to our lives in very practical ways. I would recommend this book to women of all ages.

Review by J.B.

Enjoy this along with church Bible study!

Review by K.S.

A woman I know recommended Carol Peterson’s book I am Esther to me. Naturally, since I am not only a guy but also an Eastern Orthodox monk, I had some doubts about what I might find of any value in it, since it was obviously written for women, and comes from a slightly different flavor of Christianity from what we hear in the services here in our monastery. I was surprised and delighted, though, on reading it. Yes, it is clearly a book written by a woman for other women, and so I could not apply directly to myself some of the author’s questions — for example, “Who are we to God as His women of faith?” — quite as straightforwardly as the women for whom the book was written.

On the other hand, I can say this — clearly the author’s plan for writing the book as a series of twenty-eight days of reflection helped her to dedicate a great deal of thoughtful meditation to the writing of the book, and it shows. The result for the reader — yes, even an old monk living in an Eastern Orthodox Christian monastery rather than the woman for whom the book was written — is to disclose depths of meaning in the life and experience of Esther, the Bible character and real person.

Review by M.P.

Does the Biblical book of Esther have something to say to the modern woman? After all, the book of Esther was written at least 3 or 4 hundred years before the birth of Christ. The author of “I am Esther”, Carol Peterson, shows us how the book of Esther, which has in itself no explicit reference to God, can be a guide to a modern woman to have a deep and meaningful relationship with God. With a month of studies that include questions for personal reflection and application, she shows us understanding Esther’s life can help us live our life for God’s good purpose. A worth-while read.

Review by J.L.P.

This book is so much more than a devotional book. Each chapter brings my relationship with God front and center. Carol Peterson is especially gifted in using words that not only encourage, they also build self-esteem and repair wounded hearts. As I read through the days, and meditated on the questions, I could see how a woman (young or old), would find great comfort and healing. I will recommend this book to any woman I know, and it could even be used as a mentoring or discipleship tool. I look forward to other books from Carol Peterson.


Around the World Through Holidays:


Review by P.S.T.

Readers Theatre is a great way to involve kids in drama, without the pressure of memorizing lines and facing stage fright. Peterson’s plays are organized around holidays, one per month, that celebrate different cultures around the world. January is a round-up of New Year’s traditions from all over the globe, February is Fastelavn from Denmark, March is St. Patrick’s Day, March is Passover, May is May Day, June is the Dragon Boat Fesitval from China, July is Independence Day, August is Obon in Japan, September is Homowo, a Ghanian festival of thanksgiving, October is an Indian festival of lights, November is Ramadan, and December is Las Posadas from Mexico. After each mini-play are a bevy of related activities that cover art, literature, science, history, and math. The author clearly has done her homework and is very respectful of the different beliefs presented, but also keeps a light, kid-friendly touch throughout. All in all, a very valuable teacher and parent resource. It’s a great companion to her earlier book, Jump Back in Time.

Review by D.T.

Our school likes to have cross-cultural celebrations rather than focusing on the traditional celebrations. This book helped us do just that. It is a great resource. My students are 4th graders and it was appropriate for them.

Review by S.P.

Although not a teacher, I can see that Peterson’s books are terrific classroom resources. As an avid fan of holidays, I’m particularly drawn to AROUND THE WORLD THROUGH HOLIDAYS. Peterson’s ideas and illustrations offer a fascinating roundup of cultural celebrations in several countries. Scripts for plays to be presented by class members carry two intrepid young explorers through visits to each of the countries to learn holiday traditions from the natives. Peterson makes it easy and fun for teachers to follow Readers Theater productions with curriculum-related, holiday-themed parties for their class.

Review by K.M.H.

Around The World Through Holidays: Cross Curricular Readers Theatre is an amazing resource for elementary classrooms. A literacy and geography lesson sprinkled with math, science, art and history in each of the twelve plays. The author, Carol Peterson, begins with background information about a specific holiday. She then introduces a reader’s theatre connected to the holiday. As if that weren’t enough, she includes a plethora of cross curricular activities connected to each holiday. Some of the holidays covered are Passover, Ramadan, the Indian Festival of Lights and Las Posados. Each month brings a new country and a new holiday and endless opportunities for learning and fun!

Review by M.

Jan.-New Year’s, Feb.-Fastelavn (Denmark), Mar.-St. Patrick’s Day, April-Passover, May-May Day, June-Dragon Boat Festival, July-Independence Day, Aug.-Obon, Sept.-Homowo (Ghana), Oct.-Divali, Nov.-Ramadan, Dec.-Las Posadas. Personally, I have used the book more for its details. Besides a script, each holiday also includes background info, follow-up activities, suggestions on how to actually throw a party in your classroom for that specific holiday and suggestions for further activities. These activities include recipes and crafts and detail how each one is curriculum-related (i.e. National Anthem of Mexico -Literacy and Music).

Review by F.

This teaching resource is an excellent addition for educators and parents interested in reader’s theater for children. Holidays from around the world are presented each month. Included with the reader’s theater are suggestions tying art, history, math and science into the curriculum. Useful recommended reading resources are included for educators and parents. Lengthy recommend reading resources are included for students as well.

Fun with Finance:


Review by M.M.

With our economy in such a gloomy state, it is essential to manage our money carefully. It is also a high time for us to prepare our children with financial basics for their future. This book definitely teaches a lot about money. It focuses on a range of topics, from currency and the global economy, to business entities, savings, credit, real estate investments, the markets, budgeting, and even financial planning. Each chapter offers kid-friendly lessons, with a reader’s theater script, glossary, cross-curricular activities, resource web links, and even a board game! It covers many money facts, several of which, I am sure many adults do not know.

This book requires the third grade math. […] This book is a financial enrichment. It reminds me the big gap between the formal school education and the money problems kids will face sooner or later in their life. Buy this book. It will benefit your child profoundly. The fun stories and colorful pictures in each chapter will surely keep your child entertained. My child and I read all pages of this book from cover to cover, and we enjoyed it!

Review by Midwest Book Review

One of the most important ‘life skills’ to be taught to children in order for them to become successful adults is that of financial literacy founded upon the principles of sound basic math as applied to ‘real life’ circumstances. That’s the underlying foundation for “Fun With Finance” which is deftly written and nicely illustrated by Carol Peterson specifically for students in grades 4 through 6. There are informed and informative chapters covering money as currency, employment, business, savings, credit, budgeting (including balancing checkbooks), real estate, stocks, bonds, commodities, and more. There are ‘theater scripts’ as part of each chapter that aptly introduce students to these various aspects of finance ranging from investments to planning a financial future. Enhanced with numerous instructional games and activities, as well as resource lists, “Fun With Finance” is an especially appropriate and highly recommended supplement for traditional classroom and home schooling curriculums.

Review by A.C.

If only this book had been available when I was a kid my attitude towards math would have been vastly improved. The book actually makes all that number stuff seem like fun! Of course it’s practical, too, because kids need to learn about handling money. The book will be a great help to teachers because the activities like reader’s theater, games, and puzzles will keep the kids in their classes interested. Parents will find it useful to help their children willingly practice math skills at home, and kids who already like math will want the book just for the entertaining activities.