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Welcome to Mustard Seed Books, the kids’ imprint of Honor Bound books.

Here are the latest Mustard Seed books available for kids from Carol Peterson. Look for more soon. Enjoy!




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Counting Blessings
Written and Illustrated by Carol Peterson

Picture Book (ages 2-5)
30 pages
ISBN-10: 0997778539; ISBN-13: 978-0997778533



This rhyming book, written and illustrated by Carol Peterson, teaches kids (ages 2-5) about numbers 1-10, introduces them to the concept of a “blessing,” and encourages them to look at the world around them to see gifts from God.

Available in print from Amazon.com.  (30 pages, paperback)


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STEALING SUNLIGHT front cover only

Available in print or on Kindle here.

Stealing Sunlight
Carol Peterson, Author
Middle Grade Novel (ages 8-12)
Action/adventure; boy humor
198 pages
ISBN-10: 0997778547; ISBN-13: 978-0997778540


There is something strange about St. Opal Lightfoot’s Academic Residence—silver walls, static electricity and the fact that none of the kids have any memory of their families. The school’s strangeness is the least of Bernie Banks’ worries though. He’s failing almost every class and is in danger of being kicked out of school—the only home he has ever known.

When Bernie and his solar project teammates discover an underground world, they learn that both the world above and the world below the surface are in danger from what archaeologist Peter Potstop is doing to the Great Pyramid.

Can Bernie and his friends get to Egypt in time to stop both worlds from exploding? Do they even know how?