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Each part of the writing process requires different skills and effort, and involves varying emotions, from uncertainty and frustration, to joy and satisfaction.

Whatever part of the writing process, the Holy Spirit is right there waiting to be a counselor and friend. Just as an understanding of voice and pacing are part of a writer’s toolbox, so too—in writing as in life—prayer should be the tool most used.

The Praying Writer recognizes writers’ struggle with the creation process. It provides words of encouragement, Scripture, short prayers and prompts to help the writer during each phase of a project. The book is dedicated to writers whose ministry is to use their skill with the written word to honor God and point others to Him.  (From Honor Bound Books)




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You’ve decided to study the Bible. Great! Now, how do you do it? Any type of Bible study is a good thing. But one of the most comprehensive types of study you can do is called “inductive.” Don’t let that term scare you. It just refers to being able to understand a topic based on logic and observation.

Wielding the Sword will help you simplify the process to better understand not only what Scripture says, but what it meant when it was written and what it means to you today.

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Flowers Gemstones FRONT COVER


Traditionally, a unique flower and gemstone represent each month of the year. These flowers and gemstones hold symbolism or special meaning and all of them can remind us of Jesus.

This book explores the significance of each month and the symbolism and beauty of the flowers and gemstones associated with that month. Once we recognize Jesus in the months of the year, we then have lighthearted, non-threatening ways to share Him with others.

(From Honor Bound Books)