I like to share my love of other people’s books with you. Here are some of the book reviews I’ve done over the years here and elsewhere. I generally do not review a book I don’t like. That means I’ve found something good about each and every one of these books.

I’ve divided the books into three general areas.

On the “Kids Book” page, I have included everything from picture books to young adult books and both fiction and non-fiction.

On the “Adult Non-Fiction” page, I have reviewed many books that are motivational; many are geared towards women’s issues; all have a decidedly Christian leaning.

The “Adult Fiction” page The third page is for novels. All of these books also have a Christian leaning. Some are Christian romance, some are mystery or suspense.  You should be able to see clearly which might appeal to you.

Everything is alphabetical by name of the book (excluding “The” in titles).

Each month I also review books for the magazine Ruby for Women. There I alternate between reviews of children’s books for the “Kid’s Korner” column and reviews of adult books for the “Carol’s Book Club” column. Both columns include reviews of both fiction and non-fiction.

I hope you’ll find a book here you’d like to read for yourself. When you do, leave a comment about what you thought of the book. Your thoughts might help another reader decide to read that book, too.





Here are reviews of some great novels. Enjoy!   *** Candle in the Darkness (Book 1, Refiner’s Fire) Author: Lynn Austin As a writer, I know I’ve only got a few short lines to capture an editor or an agent’s attention. A book only has a few lines to capture a reader’s attention, too. Entire …

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Here are reviews of some great non-fiction books. Enjoy!         Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream of You Author: Stasi Eldredge I love Stasi Eldredge. I love her writing and her heart for women who love Christ. I really loved her latest book, Becoming Myself.   *   * In it, she addresses things we women …

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Here are a few great books I’ve read for kids—ages toddler through young adult. And don’t forget to check out the books I’ve written for kids–under the tab above “BOOKS: TEACHER RESOURCES.”  Although the publisher sells them for teachers to use in classrooms, the content is written to be read and used by kids. *** No …

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    The Ruby for Women autumn issue is out along with my review of Lynn Austin’s A Candle in the Darkness and Stasi Eldridge’s Becoming Myself.

    Thoughts anyone?


    Our book club just finished reading Steve Furtick’s “Crashing the Chatterbox.” As one member said, “can you say life changing?”

    I’ll be posting a review over at Ruby for Women’s winter issue. So those of you who haven’t read it yet have time to do so before then. Or chime in now anyone who has already read it.

    What point made the most impact to you?

  3. Nina

    Hi Carol – we are wrapping up the holiday issue of Ruby and your book reviews are included, along with links back here to your book club. As soon as we publish the holiday issue, we will be creating a special page on the Ruby blog for you so that we can direct our readers back here to join the book club. Thank you so much for your participation in the ministry of Ruby for Women, and for so generously sharing your book reviews with us! I’ll send you the link when the page is ready, so we can promote your book club to all of our readers. Thanks so much, Nina @ Ruby for Women


      Thanks for the update, Nina! This will be great.

      Hey, readers–heads up. Join the fun. Be part of the Ruby/Carol book club, right here.

  4. Paula Davies

    Loved this book A Christmas Promise by Tamera Lynn Kraft. I wanted to know what happens next! A story about faith in God and in each other. Great story about missionaries in the 1700 ‘ s. It’s about love and loss and the promises of God.


      I loved it too. We may even get to chat about it a bit at our Christmas brunch!


    Here’s a bit of discussion from the gals in my LIVE book club as we discussed Kraft’s “A Christmas Promise.”

    Paula – I wanted there to be more of the story. I hope she’ll continue the story in another book.

    Becki – enjoyed but wanted more; would have been worth staying up late for

    Pam – liked the intertwining of the idealistic early Anna with the reality of children and life; liked the way author brought forth the feelings back then were the same that we would have today; did feelings well

    Janet – setting is different but feelings were the same. Will my husband be home when he says? etc.

    Becki – enjoyed reading about a new group of people she had never heard of

    Pam – liked that it wasn’t too sugary sweet

    Becki – enjoyed the traditions, e.g., decorating the tree with Scripture

    Janet: loved that the kids ENJOYED the honor of reading the verses

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