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What Will You Find Here?

When talking with other Christian women, one common theme is:

“I love Jesus, but what does He want me to do with this life He has given me?”

That question encompasses the greatness of God. God does have a plan. It is ongoing and we are each part of it.

The realization led to one of the favorite ways I pray:

Jesus, help me live with excited expectation for what you have planned.

The focus of this site then, is to look at how each of us is part of a whole; how each of us is part of God’s ongoing plan, and to see Jesus everywhere around us; or to look for Him when His presence is not apparent.

We don’t always understand what is going on. But we know God’s character and therefore we can trust that His plan is good.

I don’t have a tear-jerking, kleenex-dripping testimony about how Jesus whisked me out of despair. All I know is that Jesus is the best and most essential part of my awesome and wonderfully blessed life. I wouldn’t know how to love others or love myself if I didn’t first know that Jesus loved me, just as I am, warts, wobbles and all.

 (Read about my specific journey toward surrender here.)




What I Write 

When I was a wee girl, I didn’t understand what all those old, dead people in the Bible could possibly have to do with me, alive and well in the modern world. But when God led me to write studies about the character and circumstances of women in Scripture—wow—He opened my eyes. We’re not so different from those ancient gals. We are part of God’s great big plan, just as they were. And—praise God—He loved those gals, sinful and messed up that they were.

If He could love them, he can love me, too—sinful mess-up that I am today.

My mission as a writer then is to encourage and inspire other Christians and to gently touch hearts of non-believers so that they might see Jesus in their lives, too. I write with a light touch, a spot of humor, and a willingness to show you my warts because, maybe seeing my warts will encourage your understanding that any warts you might have aren’t so bad, after all.

I post each Monday. Posts are short; just enough to encourage you and get you thinking about how God might be loving on you today.

Reviews of children’s and adult books are at the Carol’s Book Club tab. Then see what books I’ve written under the Carol’s Books tab.

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If you have a favorite woman from Scripture, let me know. Chances are I’m writing a study about her, already have or plan to. Or, maybe your idea will inspire me.

I hope you will hang out here and grow in faith along with me. We are part of God’s ongoing plan. It’s awesome to be on this journey with you, following Jesus.



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Enjoy the site. I am praying for you, reader!