Jan 22


Mary meme


God chose Mary over all the other women from all generations and cultures in the history of mankind to bear the Savior of the world and raise Him to adulthood, so He could do what He needed to do while here. Mary did good.

Are our circumstances and character similar to those of the woman who bore and raised Jesus, the Christ—or could they be?

God used Mary for a great big something—bigger than we could ever imagine. Maybe there’s something He could use us for today. God may not use our little lives for something as big as bearing the Savior, but when we think like that, we’re not remembering the character of God.

God is big. Everything He does is big. Mary probably didn’t think her life was big either. But it became big because God was involved.

This year, we will look more closely at the character and circumstances of Mary. We will specifically look at how her life and ours are both parts of God’s ongoing plan. And when we open our hearts to what we might learn from Jesus’ earthly mother, we might find more in common with that young woman from long ago than we ever imagined…

…If we have faith like hers.

Interested in studying Mary in more depth? Please look into my meditative Bible study I am Mary, part of my ongoing series—With Faith Like Hers—of women whose lives are preserved in Scripture. (Scroll down the right side of this page for the other books in this series.)

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