Jan 15




Another year! Another chance to set goals and achieve them.

Any of you who have spent any time here at CarolPetersonAuthor.com know that I’m big on setting goals, For me, setting goals, reviewing them regularly and working on them turtle fashion—slow and steady—is the only way I can accomplish what I want to accomplish. It is the best way I know to achieve my dreams.

If you need help setting goals, head here to understand how to create effective goals. If you want examples of how I personally review my goals quarterly, go here or here to see what I did last year.

This year I have once again set writing goals to help me focus on writing commitments to others and book writing projects I’ve committed to completing. My goals also include health improvement goals, personal relationship goals, and spiritual growth goals.

In past years I have shared my very specific writing goals here to encourage you to do the same. This year I’m just letting you know that the goals are set and I am working toward accomplishing them.

As I reach those goals over the year, I’ll then share them with you. I do this to continue to encourage you to set your own goals without bogging you down with too many details about “how I.”


WHAT ABOUT YOU: Have you set health goals you want to work toward this year? Do you have interpersonal goals you want to address? Do you have spiritual goals you’d like to focus on? Do you have a dream you could accomplish if you only settled into beginning to work toward it?

What is holding you back?



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