Dec 11

TEMPLE: Finding Focus



Where did 2017 go? What did we accomplish? What did we fail to accomplish? What do we want to focus on for 2018?

We face a brand-new year in 21 days. We open a fresh, blank calendar and wonder what we will scribble on it over the next 365 days. We look with excited expectation at what God will lead us to do; how He will grow our faith; what people He will place in our lives; how we will live in a way that shines His light around us.

One thing that helps me pay attention to what God might want to teach me is to find a focus word.  A single word, like a super condensed life verse, reminds me to pay attention, to seek understanding, to remain open to God at work in me and around me.

This year, my one-word focus has been temple. 2017 has been a year in which God has taught me about my health and the health of others. He has taught me to pay more attention to the Holy Spirit who has taken residence in this body—His temple. He has reinforced the truth that this body belongs to Him, that I am just its steward, and I should do a better job taking care of His stuff.

God has shown me His power in the little things that become big things, such as how a single word, used as a reminder and focus throughout the year is enough to teach me great big lessons and give me great big encouragement.

As I look forward to 2018, I also look forward to learning what new focus word God gives me. I have a few words *I* would like, but as in all things, whichever word He gives me will be exactly the perfect word I need  next year.

As I pray for my own focus word, I pray for you also, that God will give you clarity in your own life, that He will reveal new purposes (or old ones to keep working on), new ministries and new revelations about  how He sees your life as part of His ongoing plan.

Be blessed.

Dear Jesus, thank you for your plan and for including us in it. Please give us clarity and understanding on how you desire us to be your light. Please take our faith and grow it in astounding measure in 2018 for your glory. Amen.

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