Nov 06


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What fun to hang out with other people who love stringing together words. Saturday, it was my privilege to be part of the third annual Treasure Valley Writers’ Fest. There I met with a delightful group of writers sharing one of my favorite ways to finish oodles of writing projects without losing my mind: by using the SMARTER goal setting method.

Saturday, I suggested creating monthly writing goals to focus on specific parts of the process to create a book, so that a person could achieve a goal to begin, write, complete and publish a non-fiction or fiction book project in 2018. Yes, it would be a whirlwind. It would be a challenge. But it can be done.

As promised to those dedicated attendees, here are those writing schedules we discussed.

Whether or not you were one of those attendees, please feel free to click on the links, print the files or download them to your computer. Use them as they are or revise them to fit your personal schedule, writing project or style of work. Share them with another writer who may be struggling with the sense of enormity at what she is attempting.

Use them to get motivated and stay motivated. Know that others are going through the same thing you are, and succeeding! Stay encouraged.


SMARTER goal setting commitment

Write a Non-Fiction Book in 2018

Write a Novel in 2018

Create a Marketing Plan for a June Book Launch

Carol’s 2018 Q1 Plan for Multiple Book Projects

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