Oct 16

TEMPLE: Refocusing



Each year I and other people around the world hold on to one single word throughout the year. That focus word helps us keep a thought, concept, goal or encouragement in mind throughout the year with hardly any effort.  This year my focus word has been temple. 

Through the focus word temple, over the last nine months, God has encouraged me towards better physical health for myself, has reminded me of my responsibility to encourage better health in people around me, has firmly nagged me that I have a duty also in the physical care of people God has placed in my life, and has taught me lessons about the Holy Spirit living in me as well as the real, ancient Temple in Jerusalem.

As we end the year 2017, I am grateful that my own health has improved since the first of the year. My husband came through a health crisis and is now into a process of maintenance and prevention of further issues.  The people for whose physical care I am responsible are stable for now.

But two and one-half months of 2017 still remain. I look forward with excited expectation to what lessons God has yet to teach me about this focus word.

And yes, I have already started making a list of possible focus words for 2018.

What about you? Did you choose a focus word for 2017? Might you choose one for 2018? What would it be and what do you hope God might teach you through a focus on that word?


  1. Pam

    Some much positive out of some much difficulty. Thankful to Jesus we don’t have to walk our struggles without Him.

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      So true, Pam. He doesn’t promise we won’t have trouble. But He does promise to walk through trouble with us. That makes all the difference.

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