Oct 02

Q3: Still Moving Forward?


It is time to look at those goals we set back in January and reviewed in March and June. What progress have we made? What roadblocks have we encountered? What can we still accomplish with the three months left in this year?

My husband goes into surgery this morning and will be recovering for the next 60-90 days. So my review and plans for Q4 are simple: celebrate the progress I have made and focus on helping my dear one return to health for the rest of the year. Chances are I will have time to write and illustrate as I sit next to him on the couch and patio. If I get things done—great. If not, that’s OK, too.

We have known for six months that this surgery was coming so I’ve planned and worked ahead. That’s the beauty of setting and reviewing and REVISING goals. You can keep working toward them; keep moving forward; keep them in focus—even if that focus becomes soft and slightly blurred from time to time.

So keep moving forward, friend. Keep your goals in mind and find ways to work toward them even when other things jump up and down for attention.

Be blessed!

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