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Eve meme part 8 (1)


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Why in the world would anyone want to be like Eve—that woman who caused the downfall of mankind into sin?

This year I have been sharing the lessons from the character and circumstances of Eve. We modern gals are not so different after all.  Here are two thoughts to ponder.

I Seek Knowledge

Very clearly Eve knew that eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil was bad. But she also knew that gaining knowledge (the NIV version calls it “wisdom”) was a good thing.

Yes, she was disobedient to God. Yes, she wanted to be like God. But is it not human nature to want to learn and to want to become more Christ-like? That’s not to excuse what Eve did.  “Thanks” to her disobedience, humanity now has the stain of that first, original sin on our souls.

But one of the lessons we can learn from Eve is that God made us desire and seek knowledge. We recognize the value of knowledge, understanding and wisdom. The key is to acquire them in a godly manner.

  • What type of knowledge or what area of life, skill or understanding has God instilled in your heart?

  • How have you gone about seeking that knowledge?


I Seek to Know God

Better than trying to be like God (as in, trying to be judge, trying to be above everyone else), is simply trying to live according to what Jesus taught.

And when it comes to our relationship with God, He wants us to seek to know Him intimately and personally. It is the process of seeking to know God that Eve missed when she took the action she thought would help her seek knowledge.

  • In what way do you seek to know God more deeply each day?

  • How has that affected your relationship with Him and with other people?

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These two lessons are part of the 28-day meditative Bible study about the character and circumstances of Eve—the first woman God created. It is part of the With Faith Like Hers Bible study series. If you would like to look at Eve in more depth, I hope you will check out the study I am Eve, available at Amazon.com.


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