Aug 07

TEMPLE: Looking Ahead; Looking Behind



My focus word for 2017 is temple. When it comes to these physical bodies, it often feels impossible to do what is needed to maintain, improve or recover good health.

Some of us become motivated, sprint toward a health objective and never look back. Others start off, have set backs and struggle with maintaining any forward motion. Others continue to move forward but with such slowness that we feel like we are making no progress at all.

Until we look backward to where we began and see how far we have come.

It is now August—the eighth month into 2017. Like me, many of you set health goals for 2017. Like me, many of you have struggled with those health goals. But hopefully, like me, many of you have taken the opportunity to look backward to where you began and see how far you have come.

With only four months left to achieve my health goals this year, I still have my work cut out for me. But I also recognize the fabulous progress I have made in certain areas. For motivation’s sake, I am not focusing on the fact that I only have four months left to achieve my goals. Instead, I keep in mind my nearly eight months of successful, improved health habits to keep me going in the right direction.

Often it is not the diminishing stretch toward the finish that spurs me on; rather it is looking back toward the progress I have already made. It’s not about: “I’m almost there;” it’s about: “Wow, I’ve come so far!”

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you focus on what is left to do for your motivation or do you congratulate yourself on what you’ve accomplished as a reminder of what you can still do?


  1. Pam

    I haven’t come very far, but I am back on track. I’m looking forward to four months of progress for the balance of the year, rather than than the 8 months of lost opportunity.

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Nice way to think, Pam! We can always begin again–better than doing nothing.

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