Jul 24



Eve part 6

This year I have been sharing a few thoughts about how we modern women might be a bit like the first woman God created. This is the link to last month’s discussion. Here are some new thoughts to consider:


I Recognize Good and Evil 

Even though Eve disobeyed God and ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, something very good was the result: she learned how to tell the difference between good and evil—right there when evil (via Satan) first came into God’s perfect world.

As a result of Eve’s disobedience, we all maintain her very first—original—sin. The blessing part of God’s judgment of Eve is that we also maintain her understanding of good and evil. We can look at everything, every person, every action, every thought, motive and consequence and compare it to our holy God. Thus we are able to recognize what is good and what is evil.

What does it tell you about God’s character that He created such a good consequence from Eve’s sin?

I Do not Gossip

When the serpent approached Eve, he discussed what God had or had not said. Many theologians believe that God had given the command not to eat from the tree only to Adam and that Adam had then relayed that information to Eve.

But the fact is that the serpent argued with Eve about what God had and had not said and what God might have meant. Eve didn’t seek clarification from Adam or from God Himself. Rather, she continued Satan’s line of argument and ultimately believed the lies he told her.

How can we avoid listening to, starting or continuing gossip?

I Must Guard against Seduction 

Satan clearly seduced Eve by telling her she would gain knowledge from eating the forbidden fruit. He also showed her how lovely the fruit was and encouraged her to do what she knew was wrong.

Today we are bombarded with people telling us about the lovely benefits of doing what we know to be wrong; or leading us step-by-step into sin so that we are hardly aware we have been seduced until it is too late.

In what area of life are you most likely to be seduced? How can you guard against it?

I Must be Wary of Satan 

Satan uses many tools to get us to turn away from God. One of the things Satan did effectively was to phrase questions that forced Eve to agree with Satan.

When Satan first approached Eve, for example, Satan said: “Did God really say not to eat from any tree?” Satan knew God had not said that. Satan—the great deceiver—in that instance was leading her into sin by speaking little truths and getting Eve to agree with him.

What truths do you feel Satan whispering that might be a step towards him convincing you to believe a larger lie?

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If you’d like to study more about the character and circumstances of Eve and how you might learn the lessons she has to teach, I would love for you to check out my Bible study devotional I am Eve. It is available in print or Kindle format at Amazon.com.



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