Jul 17

PRAYING NAMES: Renee and Donald

Renee and Donald

I love that our names have meaning. And I love to pray for people to live the meaning of their names. Here are two more names of people I am praying for based on the meaning of their names.

Last month I prayed for one of our pastors and his wife: Brian and Maureen. This month I am praying for our other pastor and his wife.

Do you know someone named Don or Renee? Who do you know that you would like to pray for them in this way?

Renee: reborn

Heavenly Father, I pray Renee will live the meaning of her name. I pray she will always remember that she has been reborn in you; that her life became new when she turned to you and that she is now a new creation because of your love for her and her love for you. Amen.

Donald: world leader

Heavenly Father, I pray Donald will live the meaning of his name. I pray he will walk boldly in this world, led by you and leading others in your name. I pray others will look to him and see his example of faith in you and that his life will lead others to look for you and find you. I pray also that Donald will always keep first in his mind that you are our one true leader and ruler of our lives. Amen.

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