Jul 10

TEMPLE: The Pause that Refreshes



When God gave me the focus word temple at the beginning of 2017, I knew He would be teaching me about the Holy Spirit who has taken residence in me and I knew He would be nudging me toward better health.

Since then, God has taught me a few lessons about the responsibility I have over the physical temples of other people in my life. I have also learned more about the spectacular temple in Jerusalem built by King Solomon.

This month, God has taught me to pause. Last week, my husband completed six weeks of cancer treatments. We await life-long monitoring, more surgery and accompanying recovery and stress in the future.

But for now we are celebrating the pause, being reminded of many of the verses in the Book of Psalms. Although the exact definition of the word selah is not clearly known, when we read the word in Psalms, we are to pause and reflect.

Who is he, this King of glory?
    The Lord Almighty—
    he is the King of glory. Selah

(Psalm 24:10 NIV)

This month I exhale and breathe. Selah.

Selah is a pause amid praise. For me now, Selah is a time to praise God for whatever His plan is and for including us in it. It is time to thank Him for the health my husband (and I) both now enjoy and for the energy, strength and joy we can experience as we await the next step in God’s plan.

Selah. Thank you, Jesus.


  1. Pam

    Such an encouraging read. On point for me. Prayers for you every day.

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Thank you, Pam. It’s helpful, isn’t it, to pause in gratitude and remember what we have, rather than dwell on what could come or focus on what isn’t as perfect as “we” might think we want?

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