May 29

Goals and Dreams


Sea Dreams illus

Toward the end of last year, I went through the process of creating a life plan, following the ideas set out in the book Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy. My review of that book is here.

One part of my plan was to return to my love of writing and illustrating for children. Since I hadn’t illustrated a book in almost ten years, I dove into researching various new technologies (hardware and software) to create illustrations and re-immersed myself into the what’s and how’s of picture book formatting and layout.

Then last month, my personal patron of the arts (my sweet hubby) gifted me with a new Surface computer, ideally created with illustrators in mind. I began learning to use the computer and one of the recommended software programs for illustrating. The above illustration is an early attempt to illustrate one full spread (2 facing pages that open together) of a picture book I am creating, entitled Sea Dreams.

After I created this illustration, it became clear that I need a more powerful (i.e., complicated) software that will allow finer details and richer depth. I embark today on learning that new software. Although this rough illustration will have to be redone, I wanted to share it for one purpose: to encourage you to follow your dreams.

I am not naturally technological. Neither am I naturally artistic. What I am is  deeply committed to sharing stories and information with children to help them explore this awesome world and make sense of their place in it.

I am therefore willing to suffer through the learning process to reach my goal of creating children’s books—no matter how long it takes; no matter how frustrated I become; no matter how many boxes of Kleenex needed to mop up my tears of dissatisfaction at the process.

Because, not only is it my goal; it is my dream.

I am sharing my early, imperfect attempt with you to remind you of the truth: first attempts do not need to be perfect; they simply need to be made

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What is your dream? What step can you take today to move toward it?


  1. Pam

    That looks like so much fun!!!

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      It is fun, especially when the technology does what I think it should do! When it doesn’t, well, it will eventually be fun, right?

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