Apr 17

PRAYING NAMES: Charlene and Abraham

Charlene Abraham

The names of those who love Jesus are written in His book of life and they will live with Him in heaven forever. Those names are important. They have meaning.

I love to pray that people would live the meaning of their names. Once you know what their names mean, it’s easy to remember to pray for them in that way.

Each month, I create prayers based on the meaning of names. This month, we can pray for Charlene and Abraham. If you know someone with these names, please pray for them. If you have someone you’d like me to create a prayer for, please leave a comment and I’ll return in a future month with a prayer especially for them.

Charlene: free

Dear Jesus, we pray Charlene will live the meaning of her name. We pray she will recognize the freedom she has because of you. We pray she will welcome and cherish her freedom from your condemnation because of the sacrifice you made for her on the cross. We pray she will live her life in a way that shows others the freedom they can have because of you, too. Amen.

Abraham: exalted father

Dear Jesus, we pray Abraham will live the meaning of his name. We pray he will understand that you, God are his eternal father, who loves him with an unconditional and everlasting love. We pray also that he will live his life as a spiritual father and example of strong faith to others. Amen.

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