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In January, I began posing questions for you to meditate on the ways we are similar to Eve—the first woman God created. Here are January’s questions. Here are the two from February.

This month, we consider our place in the world.

  • In what ways do I live amid incomparable beauty?

Think about our world. What is most beautiful? What most clearly points toward God as creator? How does the beauty of our world make you think about the glory of Heaven?

  • In what ways do I have stewardship over the earth?

What responsibilities do I have to protect and conserve God’s resources? What can I do more of or less of as steward of the earth? What do I feel most passionately about protecting?

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NOTE: The above image is Multnomah Falls, Oregon, just one of the extraordinarily beautiful places in our world; and definitely on my list of “wanna see” places. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com.

If you’d like to study more about the character and circumstances of Eve and how you might learn the lessons she has to teach, I would love for you to check out my Bible study devotional I am Eve. It is available in print or Kindle format at Amazon.com.


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  1. Nicole Shults

    I always remember this section from “I am Eve”, about my duty to responsibly manage God’s resources, whenever I’m leaving a room with the lights on. Turning off the lights in a room when you are leaving might make a small difference but if we pay attention and choose to be good stewards over God’s resources, we will have more abundance in our lives and more of an ability to give and serve others!

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Perfectly said, Nicole. Flipping a switch doesn’t sound like a whole lot by itself, but over time it adds up like anything else. More importantly, it reflects what’s in our hearts–an acknowledgment and respect for what belongs to God.

  2. Cecille Valoria

    We do not need to go very far or travel the world to see the beauty of God’s creation. With every dawn of the day, we start to see God’s palette unfold. Even in the things we think are mundane, God’s creative handiwork can be seen, if we only take time to intently examine them.

    I love documenting, through my camera and writing, manifestations of His Majesty in the face of the different flowers and plants I see as I walk around our neighborhood or even at our local Lowe’s or Home Depot. I marvel at the cloud formations or the rays of the sun trying to peek through the clouds. I believe that when I recognize and acknowledge God’s hand in all the natural beauty surrounding me, I am giving value to them, not because I am worshipping them but because I am worshipping the One who made them and gave them to us.

    With that understanding, I am more conscious of what I do to preserve/conserve nature (going paperless to some extent, conserving water, etc.) so that others may enjoy it and may also lift their hands in praise to Him who makes all good things.

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Great thoughts, Cecille. I love that you document God’s glory through your camera and writing. Perfect reason to conserve resources so that the beauty of nature will enable others to praise Him, too!

  3. Cecille Valoria

    And yes, Carol, when you have the chance, do visit Multnomah Falls. It is absolutely stunning. God is AMAZING!

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