Mar 06

TEMPLE: Ours and Others’




My “one word” this year is temple. With that word, I seek to focus on my body—regaining health I may have lost; making the most of the health I have left and seeking ways God can still use this tattered body to do His will in the world.

Each year I set goals of what I’d like to accomplish in the New Year. Like the rest of the world, some of those goals include goals for my physical health. I don’t usually announce those health goals publicly because my outward focus on this website is writing and faith.

My focus word, temple, however make me open to the thinking that sharing my goals for health might help someone else set, work toward and possibly achieve goals for their health as well.

So I will be sharing those goals here with you—making my private life more transparent in the hope that you will see something there to encourage you, too.

But before I get to those goals, I need want to also share that the one-word focus of Temple this year exploded in an unexpected way for me. As things usually do, when God is involved, He gave me this word to help me focus my thoughts, prayers and energy. And not coincidentally, God intended a bigger lesson than just involving my own little life.

Last year, with a focus word legacy God began teaching me to number my days here on earth. He has extended last year’s understanding and combined it with this year’s word to begin helping me understand to not only number my own physical days here on earth, but to also recognize that He has numbered the days of other people in my life. And to think about what I can do to extend their days as well.

Last month, my brother-in-law ended up in the emergency room. The day after he returned home, my mother went to the emergency room. One week after she returned home, my husband had a health scare. All three of these beloved people are under my charge in some way. In some way, I have a hand in their physical care.

February thus became a clear reminder that often we play a part in the care of other people’s physical health.  My thinking point for you today then is this:

Who do you know who needs your encouragement and/or assistance in maintaining or improving their physical health? What action can you take today to help them rebuild their temple?

Back to my personal health goals. Although my initial January goals took a slide sideways due to time and effort requirements for other family members, here is what my slightly revised 2017 health goals look like. Next month, it will be time for our first quarter goal review. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share forward movement on them with you. Hopefully, you’ll have forward movement on yours as well. Be strong.

Here are my 2017 temple health goals:

  • Have a physical checkup to obtain baseline information to ascertain basic health

  •  Up my exercise program dramatically in all areas: aerobic, strength, flexibility

  •  Weight loss: 19 pounds over 2017

  •  Eat more of God’s food; less of man’s (focus on less processed foods and more foods grown without chemicals;  eat more of the rainbow selection of fruits and veggies)

  • Be a turtle: eat slowly; pay attention; enjoy food more; listen to body indications of hunger and satisfaction


  1. Bonnie

    LOVE this Carol. So timely. I am so ashamed to admit I have gained back all the weight I lost after my heart attack. FIFTEEN pounds! I, too am “care-taking” some folks as well. Just started back on track today. Only walked ONE mile….BUt it’s one mile farther than I walked yesterday. Getting back on track with ya sista, one baby step and pound at a time. Good for you on nineteen pounds! Thank you so very much for this much needed article.
    Bonnie J

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Well, my friend, we can embark on this together along with the Holy Spirit helping us out all the way. And one mile is fabulous. Good job, Bonnie.

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