Feb 27


Eve part 2_edited-2

Last month we posed two questions to consider about how your character or circumstances might be like Eve—the first woman God created. Here are two more questions to consider what we can learn from the circumstances and character of Eve. Have some fun with these questions. Or dig down and meditate on Scripture.

Then share your thoughts.

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God didn’t make people just OK. He didn’t even make people just good. After God made man, He said “it is not good for man to be alone.” Then, He made woman and declared mankind and all of creation very good. Finally, creation—including both men and women—was very good.

  • In what ways has God made you very good? In what ways is He still working on you?

God clearly made men and women different physically and intended them to work together to procreate and also to make the world better by being helpmates for each other. Equality between the sexes as it relates to opportunity and pay notwithstanding, men and women tend to have differences in thinking, character traits and emotional needs.

  • If you are a woman, in what ways are you different than man? If a man, in what ways are you different than woman? How do these differences compliment each other?




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