Jan 30


Genesis 1 27

For over a year I have been leading a group of awesome women in Bible study at Oregon Trail Church of God. Presently we are studying how our character and circumstances are like Eve—the first woman God created.

Because of the great discussions we have had, I wanted to share the fun here, too. Rather than post a lengthy chapter each month from my study, though I’ll post one or two questions to get us thinking.

My emphasis is not to answer these questions for you, but to get you thinking yourself.  I hope though you will share any brilliant insights you have with the rest of us.

  • How am I am made in God’s image (physically, spiritually, being made more like Him over time as my faith grows)?

  • How is God breathing life into me today?

Of course, if you want to go through a study in more detail, you may decide to pick up a copy of this character study over at Amazon. Enjoy learning more about Eve—and yourself.

Amazon Eve

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