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Many Christian writers struggle with becoming known, preferring to just sit quietly in a corner and write. But if we want to encourage other people’s faith, it is our obligation to help them find us. That means we need to become known.

Part of becoming known is developing a brand so folks understand who you are and what you offer.

For example, BMW’s slogan is “The ultimate driving machine.” Their brand reminds people that the automobiles are not just beautiful; they are high performance machines which are thrilling to drive.

Writers have brands, too. Stephen King’s brand is horror and suspense.

Mark Twain’s brand is wit and wisdom.

To develop a brand requires you to know your mission and how you want to help others. Then you can create a concise tag line—like a slogan—that “says it all” a few words.

When I began writing 17 years ago, I wrote four books for children through an educational publisher. My author tagline was:

Writing to make learning fun

Then I started writing also for adults and included fiction as well as inspirational writing. My new tagline became:

Writing to educate, entertain and inspire

This year, God is nudging me to become more tightly focused. My first and foremost role in writing has become to encourage others through the lessons God is teaching me.

After a lot of prayer about who I am as a writer and hours of study about becoming known, today I announce a new branding focus here at CarolPetersonAuthor.com:

My mission statement (what I seek to pursue in my writing) is:

I write to help others see our lives as part of God’s ongoing plan.

The question I ask my readers is:

Do you seek to find your place in God’s world?
Let’s follow God as He grows our faith and shows us our part in His plan.

The concise tag line that sums it up is:

Seeing our lives as part of God’s plan.

I will continue to write short, humor-filled parables, relating everything back to Jesus. I will continue to create prayers based on the meaning of names. I will continue to post my writing goals as a way to encourage you to live this one and only life Jesus has given you with more passion and purpose.

But this year, in order to be helpful to you in more concrete ways, I will offer a variety of free, downloadable gifts. They would vary periodically but would include short devotionals, Bible study guides and perhaps life verses set on artwork that could be printed and framed or shared with friends.

As part of this re-focus, I am also revising my website. Check out the new “About Me” and “This Site” pages, and the new “Journey” page. The “Carol’s Book Club” page now collects book reviews into one location for your convenience, separated by genre.

Stay tuned for more changes and new stuff to encourage and inspire your faith. Together, let’s look to see our lives as part of God’s plan.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What do you think of my new mission statement? What would you like to see more of here at CarolPetersonAuthor.com?

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