Jan 09

What shall we do this year?


Last week I announced my 2017 focus word: Temple.  This week, I’m announcing my writing goals.

Not only does announcing my goals keep me accountable, my hope is that it encourages you to make your own goals for 2017. Then return each quarter we’ll review progress and recommit to the next part of the journey. Here are my writing goals:


I am Rahab

Rebuilding Your Tattered Temple

Jesus Wants Me to Do WHAT?

Atop the Mountain

My Beautiful Feet (new working title)

From What if to Whatever

I am Deborah

I expect to only release one book this year—I am Rahab, the latest character study in the With Faith Like Hers Bible study series. The other books are still works in progress. They’ve been works in progress for several years already, but that is the way of creating books. They take many years from concept to release.

Fortunately, I keep growing spiritually as God teaches me through the process of creation, while keeping one verse in front of me at all times:

Of making books there is no end…(Ecclesiastes 12:12 NIV)

I will also keep writing for other outlets, maintain this blog, pursue branding, work cooperatively with other writers, reformat this website and pursue picture book illustration.

How I intend to work on the above goals is nestled in a cozy computer file—29 pages of a detailed month-by-month plan. I mention the plan to encourage you to not only settle on what you’d like to accomplish this year, but also how and when.

So now—what do you want to accomplish this year? Do you have a plan to accomplish your goals? Share your what and how and then come back each quarter and review them with us.

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