Dec 12

One Word for 2017—Part II



Having a one-word focus helps inspire a person during the year. I am still thinking about what word I will select for my 2017 focus. Last week, I explored six words I am considering. Here are six more.

If you have never selected a single word to help you focus your faith and your thoughts during the year, you might consider one of these. It’s a little like having a life verse, but much shorter and imminently easier to remember.

If you select a focus word for 2017, please leave a comment and share with us. It might be the perfect word for someone else, too.

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Comfort: This word goes along with another contender: mercy. Both would inspire me to look to the needs of others on a day-to-day basis. I would be on the lookout for people I know, as well as strangers, who might need a word of cheer or some tangible way I could provide for their physical, emotional or spiritual comfort. In writing, it would help me focus on ways Scripture provides us with comfort through an understanding of God’s character and His plan for our lives.

Spirit: This word first would remind me to realign my thoughts and attention to the Holy Spirit within me. It would help me better follow the Spirit’s leading and help me understand when—ugh—He is convicting me of something He wants me to do or not do. The word would also remind me that Jesus wants me to be His hands and feet in this world and that the Spirit is my guide, friend, counselor and helper in doing that.

Temple: Like the word above, temple would remind me that the Spirit of God has made His home within me. This body belongs not to me but to God and it is His to use for His good purpose. It is also a reminder that I am but a steward of this body and that it is my job to take care of it in the best way I can physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Wait: This would be a hard one, but maybe that’s why it’s such a good idea. We want things now, especially when it’s something we have been working for, preparing for or believe we deserve. However, lessons teach that when we stop trying to force things to happen and wait on the Lord’s timing, things go better, are more successful or are just…right. This word would help me remember to stop being Pushy Patty and instead pray, meditate and wait until the Lord’s direction is clear and definite.

Noble (or Excellent): Either of these words would help me remember the Apostle Paul’s advice not to worry but to focus on whatever is noble or excellent (Philippians 4:8). Personally, this one word would help me focus also on a book I am writing about worry in which I apply those “whatevers” from Philippians.

Jesus: This is a no-brainer. I’ve known other people who have had Jesus as their one-word focus and really, that’s what it’s all about in the first, second and 1700 millionth place. Then again, Jesus can and should be the undercurrent with every other word, every other thought, every other action we encounter each day, which leaves space for one of those other lovely words as a focus.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do any of these words inspire you? Have you thought of a different word you are considering? Why does it appeal to you?

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