Aug 15


Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.com

Yes, I’m definitely a left-brained person. I love being inside of boxes. I love outlining books—and notes—and lists. I feel most comfortable if I have a plan—written out in detail and outlined (of course).

And you know that I’m a huge believer in setting goals at the beginning of each year and then reviewing and revising them (if necessary) each quarter—and doing so publicly to both keep myself accountable and motivated and to encourage others to reach and achieve their own goals.

Earlier this month, I posted a review of Living Forward by Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy.


But if you notice when reading that post, I never actually said I was following the advice given in the book. Sure I planned to do it; but hadn’t taken out my pencil and ream of paper to do the actual work involved.

I’m happy to announce that over the past week I have gone through the assignments in Living Forward and now have a 17-page life plan. More importantly, I’ve begun implementing it.

I’ve focused my life plan on spiritual matters, my relationship with my husband,  health, my relationship with other family members,  writing, relationships with people outside my family and developing hobbies. The plan feels well rounded and well prioritized for my current status and the direction I’d like to move.

Of course, the plan has already gone through a few revisions—mostly me adding more short term goals and ideas to implement them.

The hardest part of the plan? Reading the 17-page, single spaced, 3000 word document every day. Out loud.

That’s probably one of the parts of the plan that will help me the most though. Sure, I could skim over the document silently or do the out loud thing weekly or monthly. But there’s something about reading my commitments and plans out loud every day that has increased my commitment to it even more in the short time since I created the plan.

The effectiveness of reading my life plan out loud has to do with announcing the plan to myself, to anyone in hearing distance (usually my dog who lovingly comes over to me and shakes my hand), the world in general and God in specific. It’s that accountability thing again.

So, yes, I love having a plan. Like the John Hannibal Smith from the A-Team, I especially love it “when a plan comes together.” Looking forward to watching how that happens

WHAT ABOUT YOU? How is your plan? Do you have one? Do you need one? How can I help you get started, keep going or move toward the finish?

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