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There are things we must do; things we should do; things we want to do. Unfortunately, as I age, it is harder to get things done. Harder to focus. Harder to settle on what is important. As I learn what God means to “number my days” I find that—with less time left on this earth—everything feels important. I want to get it all done. I don’t want to leave anything unresolved or any goals uncompleted.

I “say” this or that is important. But am I spending the time on those things in a way that is evidence of their importance? Am I spending too much time on the mundane and leaving the bucket list on the back porch where I can conveniently ignore it? Lately then I’ve begun a process of prioritizing.

Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy’s latest book, Living Forward: A Proven Plan to Stop Drifting and Get the Life you Want begins with a suggestion that you write your own eulogy to help you understand how you want people to remember you after you’re gone. The rest of the book helps you understand if what you profess to believe is important is what you are actually spending time on. Will you have really and truly left this world better for having lived in it, in the way you desire?

My one-word focus for 2016 has been legacy. When I began the year, I thought it related to working on a novel with the same name. Then I thought God was nudging me to focus on leaving a legacy of faith through what He wanted me to write. Then came news of a grandbaby to be and the word also meant a physical, generational legacy.

The focus is all of those things and more. The process of creating a life plan is one more part of understanding that one-word focus for 2016. And there is still a bunch of months left in 2016 for God to reveal new meanings!

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you have a life plan? Have you prioritized what you want to accomplish with your time on earth? Do you need to?


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  1. Pam Bietz

    It is just like us to think of one definition for a word but for God to show us that His meaning has much more depth.

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      I’ve sure learned that lesson this year. But your comment is so perfect, especially as it applies to Scripture. There may only be one meaning to a verse, but there can be an unlimited number of ways to apply it!

  2. Ruth

    Great post Ms Carol. We discussed this topic a few days ago. It was great to spend time with you once again. Thank you for sharing this. What will my legacy be? The million dollar question. Ruthie.

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Ruthie–your legacy is golden. You have touched so many people with your grace and kindness. You’re an example of Jesus to everyone! Still…the question of a person’s legacy is important for all of us to consider–and then work at accomplishing!

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