Jul 05



I recently purchased a block of ten ISBNs directly from the ISBN agency. What’s cool about that is the motivation: I have to write at least ten more books for publication through Honor Bound Books.

That takes us to a goal review. Early in 2016 I set out to work on eight books—not necessarily to complete and publish but to work on.

Three of those books were well into the process already and have been released into the world:

I am Elizabeth

The Praying Writer

Flowers, Gemstones & Jesus

No sooner did those three books release but Jesus tapped me on the shoulder and added two more. So my works in progress for 2016 still include seven books. Hey! That’s 7 of the 10 ISBNs already spoken for.

Those seven books are mostly ahead of my self-imposed schedule although only one is expected in print for 2016.

I began the year feeling slightly overwhelmed with so many projects. But I’ve seen the Holy Spirit’s strength working in and through me tremendously this year. I’m looking forward to the second six months of the year and allowing the Spirit to show off a bit more.

I don’t do these quarterly goal reviews in order to pat myself on the back. I do them to keep myself accountable and more importantly, to encourage you to stay motivated and encouraged.

So—how are you doing tackling your 2016 goals? How can I encourage you?

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