Dec 11



Every Christmas the stores fill their shelves with candy canes. And they remind us of Jesus.

Snopes—the website that sets out to determine the accuracy of urban legends and things we hold dear—has determined that the candy cane may not truly have been originally created as a Christmas treat. Regardless of the origin though, it has become one. And the symbolic meanings we have ascribed to it remain.

  • The shape of the candy cane is a “J” to remind us of Jesus.

  • The shape of the candy cane is that of a shepherd’s crook to remind us that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

  • The red and white colors remind us of the torture and scourging Jesus underwent for our salvation. Three red stripes are used—the large one representing the blood he shed on the cross; the white representing his purity.

Whether or not the candy canes were created originally to represent Christ, they do now. So when we slurp and chomp on those Christmas treats, we can be reminded that Jesus came here from heaven to live and die for us.

Thank you, Jesus!




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  1. Lynn Mosher

    Hey, Carol! I’ve soooo missed you! I love candy canes and this makes me love them even more! Thank you! (Btw, we miss you at CW. You name was mentioned today about writing goals.) <3

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Thanks so much, Lynn. I haven’t forgotten CW or you. Just barely keeping up with the basics. Hopefully you’ll see me more in 2016. Happy Christ-mas!

  2. Pam B.

    I’ll never think of candy canes the same way again. They’ll remind me of Jesus. It will be fun to share these thoughts with children.

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      I agree. Traditions generally have meaning behind them. It’s fun to know and share them.

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