Aug 24

FOR FAITH; FOR READERS: Immovable by Dr. Tim Riordan


Whether Christians are sure the end days are just around the corner or far into the future, the fact is that we are surrounded by an enemy determined to attack our faith however possible. Our task is to remain strong in our faith—immovable, as Riordan says. In this book, Riordan focuses on the armor of God, in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians to help us stand firm.

Part I of Immovable explains the last days as set out in Scripture and what life might look like for modern folk. Then, in Part II, Riordan discusses each piece of armor in detail, focusing on how together they can help us stand firm in our faith. Summaries and questions for further thought at the end of the book help readers take the next step in applying Riordan’s points in tangible ways.

Although the depth of Riordan’s teaching will appeal to mature Christians, his ability to explain Scripture makes this book one that seekers and new Christians should also be able to understand and embrace.

I highly recommend this book both for those interested in prophecy concerning the end times and also because it will encourage a desire to deepen an understanding of Scripture and God’s plan for us.


Immovable is available here at Amazon.com in Kindle and print

Dr. Riordan’s Amazon author page

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  1. Pam B.

    Thank you! Got it!

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      You’ll enjoy this book, whether you’re into end-times prophecy or not.

  2. Paula Davies

    Carol, I have seen a resurgence of interest in Biblical prophecy and signs of end times. I remember the same interest a couple of times in my younger years. At that time it terrified me but I find that now it just interests me and encourages me to read scripture and information related to it. I have asked God to to help me keep my head up and my eyes and ears open. I pray that I will not hesitate to speak up to my loved ones along with all with others.

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Yes, prophecy is fascinating. It can sound scary but since God is in charge it’ll all be good for those who believe. I liked this book because he didn’t write in a way to terrify; only prepare.

      I think it’s a testimony to a mature faith when we can see prophecy and think “trust.”

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