Dec 26



Each year I set goals—things I want to accomplish during the brand new year.

It’s December now and time to think about that. I’ll be posting next week about the writing goals I’d like to work on in 2015.

But each year I also try to find a one-word focus—a word that I can remember easily that will help me remember what’s important during busy days or gloomy nights.

Last year my one-word focus was courage. This year it has been firm.

For 2015, my one-word focus will be Nike—yes, as in the shoes.

Because that word reminds me of their slogan: Just do it.

This past year, I have been writing my Bible study series, With Faith Like Hers. In the writing, my own faith has been strengthened and encouraged by looking at the faith of women whose lives have been recorded in Scripture. During the writing of each study, God has given me a single verse of Scripture to help me focus on the writing.

The most recent study, I am Mary, looked at the character and circumstances of Jesus’ mother. During the writing of I am Mary, God gave me the words Mary spoke to servants at a wedding in Canaan:

Do whatever he (Jesus) tells you. (John 2:5)

I should carve that verse on my desk. I should tattoo it onto the palm of my hand. I should breathe it with every microspeck of air I take in.

In all things and in all circumstances I should do whatever Jesus tells me—through prayer and meditation; through Scripture; through revelation.

I should also do things I know I should do but may be afraid to do or unwilling to do because they are cumbersome, tedious or messy. I should “just do them.”

I should also just do what I know is right in God’s eyes even if it is unpopular or contrary to public opinion.

In all things, I should seek to just do it.

But “Just do it,” is three whole words. The beauty of a one-word focus is that it’s one word. So I’ve settled on Nike—even though my feet don’t fit the Nike shoe design; even though I don’t need new shoes at all. Even though.

Because it will signify my focus for 2015 and my desire to do what is right, courageous and godly.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What has been your one-word focus for 2014? What will be your focus for 2015?


  1. Nina

    Hi Carol – I’m finishing up the winter issue of the Ruby magazine and would like to include an article from you. May I use this one, and perhaps a book review? I know it has been challenging with the holidays (at least for me!) to do everything I had planned to do, so I was not able to follow up with all of our writers for this issue. It covers mostly January and February with the spring issue hopefully being published the middle of March. If it’s OK with you, I’ll go ahead and include a couple of your posts and do link back as well as feature your books again. Thanks so much, Nina @ Ruby

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Of course, Nina. I’m going to email you because I have some ideas. Hugs.

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