Nov 28

FOR READERS: A Christmas Promise

promiseNeed a sweet read to start the Christmas season? Don’t have a lot of time to sit in a chair? Try A Christmas Promise (A Christmas Holiday Extravaganza), by Tamera Lynn Kraft. It’s a short little novella about a family in the 1700s who share the Gospel with a tribe of Lenape Indians.
This novella gives the reader a lovely idea of what life was like back then. It is filled with interesting Christian traditions enjoyed by the group of Moravian Christians, which had its origins in Eastern Europe as an offshoot of Orthodox Christianity, becoming—some sources claim—the first Protestant church.
The interesting Christmas traditions of the Love Feast, decorating a “tree” (basically a wooden frame with cut evergreen boughs placed upon it) with hand written Scriptural verses and candles, and the various sweet treats eaten on Christmas day, enhance the simple story of trust in God’s promises. The characters are well developed and Kraft’s writing is strong.
There are multiple books with the title, A Christmas Promise but only one by Tamera Lynn Kraft. The cover is neatly tied with a red ribbon on top. It’s also just $.99 on Kindle, which makes it a nice little Christmas-time gift for yourself to enjoy.


After you’ve read it, click on the tab “Carol’s Book Club” and tell us what you thought? What was your favorite character? Most touching moment? How did the book encourage your faith?


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  1. Pam B.

    I enjoyed reading Tamera Lynn Kraft’s book. I felt the emotions of Anna coming off the page. It was interesting to read the twinning of the young, idealistic, unmarried Anna and the Anna as wife and mother a number of years later. Good Christmas read, especially for those who like historical fiction–like me.

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Excellent review, Pam.

  2. Chris Vonada

    Well I’ve never clicked on the “Carol’s Book Club” link so now I have a new place to check in.!

    “A Christmas Promise” sounds like a great read. I’m going on my FIRST mission trip next year… hoping that it will turn into a story sort of like that one!

    1. carolwritesbooks@gmail.com

      Oh, Chris. So excited to hear about your mission experiences. I do hope you’ll share with the world through your posts.

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