Aug 31


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On our first trip to Europe, hubby and I did “all things tourist.” And for Europe, that meant visiting every cathedral in every city in every country.
Some had flying buttresses and gargoyles; some had tall arches and candlelit altars. They had bell towers and catacombs, imposing stone walls, gem-sparkled windows, and hushed echoes of prayers and tour guides. And they were all built to honor God as an attempt to reflect his august majesty.

You’d think that after seeing one cathedral, we’d skip the next 72. But, we never tired of exploring and wondering at the human, physical workmanship that went into building a house of worship to honor our God.


Back home, our little chapels, white steeples and church services held in school auditoriums and storefronts paled by comparison. Surely God couldn’t feel honored by this. Of course, I knew it wasn’t the building that represented God. It wasn’t the building He felt worshipped by. God simply wasn’t the building at all; nor was his church the building.

Still, the images of those imposing cathedrals kept me wishing I could worship there. Maybe then I could feel a deeper presence with God. Maybe I could experience Him better. Maybe I could worship Him more.

That understanding reversed when I returned to the place of a childhood vacation—in the Sequoia National Forest in California.
Sunday morning church service had been on the side of a mountain, sitting on a rock, overlooking the grandeur of a valley below, surrounded by towering trees that sprouted from seed before our Lord Jesus took human form. That was truly God’s cathedral. That was truly where God resided.

Only God could build a cathedral that reflected His own august majesty.


Unfortunately, we cannot always attend a worship service on a mountainside. And often we need the fellowship and teaching that a structured body of believers provides. 


The building where we attend church today is a brick and mortar structure. It is functional and comfortable. It is beautiful by human standards. More importantly it is also probably beautiful by God’s standards because His people are inside; not praising each other for the building; but praising Him for His glory.

A 300-year old cathedral of stone and stained glass and a 3-year old church of wood and stucco both reflect God’s glory when they are filled with His people who love and worship Him and seek to know Him. 


Just as we can seek and find Him in the majesty of a mountainside worship service, so can He be found in a cathedral built on the Seine, a church built on the corner lot downtown, or believers gathered inside a school lunchroom. He is ever present and He meets us wherever we are.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, show us your glory and show us ways to worship you more. Remind us that you are everywhere and that every place we are can be a place of worship. Remind us that your church is us; not a building. Help us be a reflection of your beauty to the world. Amen.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What “church” setting gives you the greatest sense of being in the presence of God?


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  1. MGalloway

    Great post, and a nice contrast between human-made buildings and the outdoors. We’re planning on visiting a bunch of wilderness waterfalls this weekend, and yes, I would agree, there is definitely something special about being outdoors and spending time with God at the same time.

  2. chris vonada

    Of course I love the outdoors and would prefer the open air too. Our church actually doesn’t even have a building at the moment, we’re “a portable”… meeting in a beautiful auditorium at the University of North Florida… one thing that i’ve found that really sets our group apart is the passion of our people, we have to set up and break down all of the environments every single Sunday, and it’s a very festive atmosphere… it’s more about the spirit than the setting. btw, always enjoy your writing about the blog chain topic once a week during the month, very cool !!

  3. From Carol's Quill

    @ MIke – hope God gives you a little waterfall baptism this weekend in His wilderness cathedral!

  4. From Carol's Quill

    @ Chris – I’ve seen that festive spirit you’re talking about with folks setting up and taking down. One more reason why the fellowship of believers is so great.

  5. Nona King

    You shared some incredible insights and images, Carol. =) Thank you very much.

    “Help us be a reflection of your beauty to the world.” AMEN!

  6. From Carol's Quill

    @ Nona – Thank you for taking time from your moving in to post this encouraging comment!

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