Jul 15


From Casi McLean Author

From Casi McLean Author

I share this meme because for most of the year, one writing project has felt like this.

Actually, I told a fellow writer that writing on that project has felt like pulling teeth. But then I amended it to feeling like I was pulling out nose hair.     Yup. That painful of a process. And it’s ongoing because—unlike pulling teeth—those nose hairs keep growing back. Sigh.

My dear husband, who initially conceived of the idea for the book continues to ask me if I feel pressure to write it. Do I still want to write it? Do I still feel it is worth writing?

Yes. Yes. And yes.

I do feel pressure to write it because I want to write it and feel it is absolutely worthy of my time.

At the back of my head though is the sense that it is too worthy. In other words, I feel insecure that I am capable of doing the subject justice. It’s that important.

So I continue to slog, enormous tweezer in hand, forcing word after word into a bulging word document file. My goal for this project was to complete the horrible first draft by the end of 2019 so I could then begin the tediously joyful process of turning it into something that makes sense to others and is ultimately worthy of my readers’ time.

I write here to encourage you. Perhaps I sound discouraged. I am not. I am truthful about my process and I encourage others to keep working on projects they believe in, no matter how painful.

Whatever project or goal you have, it will never get done if you don’t keep placing one running-shoed foot in front of the next; one dollar after another against a debt; one word after another into a manuscript file.

And by the way—after I wrote this post, ready to schedule it for today, I finished my horrible first draft of the project! 

It can be done; tweezers in hand. You can do it, too.

Stay encouraged.


Jul 08



Mary-meme cropped

As a child, I would sit in the pew listening to Dad preach about the lives of the patriarchs. I would ponder—not the point Dad was making—but why I should care about a bunch of old dead guys. Especially when some of those old dead guys led lives that were far from righteous.

I have since grown to understand that the lives of those less-than-perfect patriarchs are important as an example of people who were loved and redeemed by God, despite their less than righteous lives.

I regularly hear from other women how they too are preached about the lives of the men; but very rarely are the women in Scripture held up for the lessons we can learn from them.

Yet, as I continue to study the lives of women in Scripture, I am reminded how similar our character and circumstances are with other women who lived a life of faith, when we love God and seek to live lives that honor Him. Therefore, I continue to write those lessons, blessed by God for leading me to write them and to the Holy Spirit for guiding me in learning the lessons along the way.

Studying the lives of women in Scripture is also a reminder of the tag line I have at the top of this web page:

Seeing our lives as part of God’s ongoing plan.

The truth of it is this: God has a plan and we are part of it.

I hope you have enjoyed this summary series of some of we can learn from Jesus’ mother Mary. Here is the link to the final post last month. If you would like to read this study in more detail, please check out my daily devotional study, I am Mary, part of the With Faith Like Hers series.


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I am Mary is available in print or on Kindle through Amazon. Proceeds from the sale of the books in the With Faith Like Hers series benefit Hope’s Door, a local Idaho shelter for women and children victims of domestic violence.



Jul 01


bluegreen and yellow shine

Focus word for 2019: Shine


If you could see my face, you would see it shining. That shine is there because I am posting this on Thursday as I prepare to head to our son’s house where hubby and I will spend the weekend, leaving for home about the time this is scheduled to post on Monday.

Why am I shining?

First, my face is shining as I look forward to a road trip with hubby.

Second, my face is shining as I look forward to fun times with hubby and son.

Third, my face is shining because I know hubby and son will spend some time off doing guy things, leaving me with a mini writing retreat! What do I plan to work on during my writing retreat? My middle grade novel, Hydro Phobia. 

I know! I just announced in my Q2 goal review last week that I was taking Hydro Phobia off my list of goals for the year. But I also said I’d work on it if time allows. Since a writing retreat is a bit of unexpected writing time—I’m jumping on the opportunity to have fun with Bernie Banks and his friends as they explore the world of Belleterre once again!

I hope your weekend was awesome too—leaving your face also shining with joy.


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