Feb 20

TEMPLE: Pursuing Health



My focus word for 2017, temple helps me focus on the fact that my physical body is the temple where the Holy Spirit resides. That gives me an understanding of my responsibility to be a good steward of this ole bod. As I age, however, health I once took for granted, becomes more elusive; strength is harder to maintain. I need more rest and I need it more frequently.

Last week, my 95-year old mother spent five days in the hospital with a combination of the flu and heart issues. She’s out now and better. But her illness was a reminder of the frailty of our physical bodies, including mine, because one result of being with Mom during her illness was ending up in bed with the flu myself. I was reminded that good health cannot be taken for granted.

Now that we’re in mid-February, I had intended that my monthly focus word post would be about my progress toward my health goals with an encouragement to readers to pursue your own. But life poked me with a reminder:

  • Sometimes we pursue better health.

  • Sometimes we pursue regaining former health.

  • Sometimes we strive to do the best we can with the health we have at the moment.

Now that the cough is declining and the aches are ebbing, I’m grateful to have gotten through a temporary health hiccup. I am ready once more to work forward on pursuing better health so that my hands and feet are stronger and better prepared to do His work.

HOW ABOUT YOU? Did you thrive during the tough flu season? Or merely survive? Are you ready to pursue better health for your future?

Feb 06

PRAYING NAMES: Maxine and Monte

Maxine Monte

The names of those who love Jesus are written in His book of life. Those people will live with Him in heaven forever. Those names are important. They have meaning.

I love to pray that people would live the meaning of their names. Once you know what their names mean, it’s easy to remember to pray for them in that way.

Each month, I create prayers based on the meaning of names. This month, we can pray for Maxine and Monte. If you know someone with these names, please pray for them. If you have someone you’d like me to create a prayer for, please leave a comment and I’ll return in a future month with a prayer especially for them.

Maxine: the greatest

Dear Jesus, we pray Maxine will live the meaning of her name. We pray she will understand her great worth as your child. We pray also that she will know the full value of the greatest gift she will ever receive—the grace and mercy you provided her on the cross. Amen.

Monte; Monty: mountain

Dear Jesus, we pray Monte will live the meaning of his name. We pray he will have a lifetime of mountain-top moments where he experiences your presence and love. We pray also that he will learn the many lessons you taught when you spoke with your people atop mountains, where the Father made promises and on Calvary Hill where you shed your blood for Monte’s salvation. Amen.


Jan 30


Genesis 1 27

For over a year I have been leading a group of awesome women in Bible study at Oregon Trail Church of God. Presently we are studying how our character and circumstances are like Eve—the first woman God created.

Because of the great discussions we have had, I wanted to share the fun here, too. Rather than post a lengthy chapter each month from my study, though I’ll post one or two questions to get us thinking.

My emphasis is not to answer these questions for you, but to get you thinking yourself.  I hope though you will share any brilliant insights you have with the rest of us.

  • How am I am made in God’s image (physically, spiritually, being made more like Him over time as my faith grows)?

  • How is God breathing life into me today?

Of course, if you want to go through a study in more detail, you may decide to pick up a copy of this character study over at Amazon. Enjoy learning more about Eve—and yourself.

Amazon Eve

Click to find out more info or to order a copy


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