Oct 16

TEMPLE: Refocusing



Each year I and other people around the world hold on to one single word throughout the year. That focus word helps us keep a thought, concept, goal or encouragement in mind throughout the year with hardly any effort.  This year my focus word has been temple. 

Through the focus word temple, over the last nine months, God has encouraged me towards better physical health for myself, has reminded me of my responsibility to encourage better health in people around me, has firmly nagged me that I have a duty also in the physical care of people God has placed in my life, and has taught me lessons about the Holy Spirit living in me as well as the real, ancient Temple in Jerusalem.

As we end the year 2017, I am grateful that my own health has improved since the first of the year. My husband came through a health crisis and is now into a process of maintenance and prevention of further issues.  The people for whose physical care I am responsible are stable for now.

But two and one-half months of 2017 still remain. I look forward with excited expectation to what lessons God has yet to teach me about this focus word.

And yes, I have already started making a list of possible focus words for 2018.

What about you? Did you choose a focus word for 2017? Might you choose one for 2018? What would it be and what do you hope God might teach you through a focus on that word?

Oct 09


2 Timothy 1 7 cp

This year I have been sharing the lessons I learned during the writing of my study of the character and circumstances of the first woman God created. Here are two more lessons to ponder.

I Can Create Life

The meaning of the name Eve means “life.” Although God formed Adam and Eve, it was through Eve that all human beings were created.

As women, we were made biologically to create life. Some of us—by choice or by God’s will—do not have children of our own. But God nonetheless gave womankind a heart for children. Most children’s writers are women. Most teachers are women. We want to help nurture the children in our lives.

God has also given us an ability to nurture His other grown-up children by sharing Jesus with them and by encouraging their spiritual lives. We can participate in God’s plan of creating new life in other people.

In what ways do you help create life in other people’s circumstances?

I Can Persuade Others

Adam knew he was not supposed to eat the forbidden fruit. But then Eve took some of the fruit and ate it. Then

She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it (Genesis 3:6).

Eve didn’t have to say a word to Adam. But by her example and her actions she persuaded Adam to sin.

Sometimes we try to persuade people. We argue. We reason. We even plead or whine. Other times we simply act and by our actions, others are persuaded to follow our example, either good or bad.

Jesus told His disciples to share the Gospel with others. We too have that responsibility. We cannot make anyone believe; but by our words, the evidence in our lives—our testimony—we can persuade others to look more closely at what Jesus offers them.

Our testimony is more powerful, more meaningful, more persuasive, if it is accompanied by an example of a life lived for God.

Do you live what you say you believe? Which is more persuasive to you—what someone says or what they do?

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

These two lessons are part of my 28-day meditative Bible study about the character and circumstances of Eve—the first woman God created. It is part of the With Faith Like Hers Bible study series. If you would like to look at Eve in more depth, I hope you will check out the study I am Eve, available at Amazon.com.

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Oct 02

Q3: Still Moving Forward?


It is time to look at those goals we set back in January and reviewed in March and June. What progress have we made? What roadblocks have we encountered? What can we still accomplish with the three months left in this year?

My husband goes into surgery this morning and will be recovering for the next 60-90 days. So my review and plans for Q4 are simple: celebrate the progress I have made and focus on helping my dear one return to health for the rest of the year. Chances are I will have time to write and illustrate as I sit next to him on the couch and patio. If I get things done—great. If not, that’s OK, too.

We have known for six months that this surgery was coming so I’ve planned and worked ahead. That’s the beauty of setting and reviewing and REVISING goals. You can keep working toward them; keep moving forward; keep them in focus—even if that focus becomes soft and slightly blurred from time to time.

So keep moving forward, friend. Keep your goals in mind and find ways to work toward them even when other things jump up and down for attention.

Be blessed!

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