Apr 17

PRAYING NAMES: Charlene and Abraham

Charlene Abraham

The names of those who love Jesus are written in His book of life and they will live with Him in heaven forever. Those names are important. They have meaning.

I love to pray that people would live the meaning of their names. Once you know what their names mean, it’s easy to remember to pray for them in that way.

Each month, I create prayers based on the meaning of names. This month, we can pray for Charlene and Abraham. If you know someone with these names, please pray for them. If you have someone you’d like me to create a prayer for, please leave a comment and I’ll return in a future month with a prayer especially for them.

Charlene: free

Dear Jesus, we pray Charlene will live the meaning of her name. We pray she will recognize the freedom she has because of you. We pray she will welcome and cherish her freedom from your condemnation because of the sacrifice you made for her on the cross. We pray she will live her life in a way that shows others the freedom they can have because of you, too. Amen.

Abraham: exalted father

Dear Jesus, we pray Abraham will live the meaning of his name. We pray he will understand that you, God are his eternal father, who loves him with an unconditional and everlasting love. We pray also that he will live his life as a spiritual father and example of strong faith to others. Amen.

Apr 10

TEMPLE: My Health/Your Health


Last month, I announced my 2017 health goals and said I’d return this month to review and revise in an effort to encourage you in your own health goals.

Our 2017 health goals are something to work toward for the entire year though, which means, I (and you) still have almost 9 months left to work on them. That’s 266 days where I can be successful at least part of the time; hopefully most of the time. That encourages me.

Hopefully it encourages you in your goal review. So let’s see how I am doing so far.

Q1 Goal: Obtain Baseline Health Numbers (Done)

Q1 goal: Get a complete physical with blood work and screenings. Basically, numbers are all within “normal range,” although I would prefer lower cholesterol numbers. This year includes major dietary changes, so hopefully, next year’s test results will see improvement.

Q2 Challenge: My husband is currently having health issues, including new dietary requirements. I’m learning to eat fish and he’s learning to eat asparagus.

Q1 Goal: Increased Exercise (Mostly Done)

In January and February shoveling snow was my main exercise. Once the snow cleared, I returned to my regular exercise program of aerobic, strength and flexibility exercises. I met specific exercise targets for Q1 and set new ones for Q2.

Q1 Goal: Weight loss (Making Progress) 

My 2017 goal is to lose 19 pounds by June and stabilize for the remainder of 2017. I intended to have lost 10 pounds by the end of Q1. I have lost 8, which puts me behind schedule. My 2017 (and Q2) weight loss goal however is still achievable.

This month I am wearing pants and blouses one size smaller than last month, so regardless of what the scale says, my body is improving.

Q1 Goal: Eat More of God’s Food and Less of Man’s

I cleaned out cupboards of most processed food and have moved towards a higher percentage of God’s food and less of man’s processed food. Cooking is definitely more work but my family and I are worth it.

Q1 Goal: Eat More Slowly

I eat at the table more often instead of in front of the TV and work at completing a meal in 20 minutes instead of 10, listening to my body for satisfaction signals. Progress is made here, but there is room for improvement.

That’s me—doing well in some areas; need to work harder in others. Not surprisingly, life happens and can set us off track. I’m working to master staying on track amid life.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Have you made health goals for 2017? How are you doing? What do you need to do more of; less of; or differently?

♥ ♥ 

NOTE: After preparing this post, we learned that my husband will be undergoing surgery this morning with an unknown outcome pending. This is a reminder that not only do we need to care for our own health, but we have a responsibility to care for the health of other people in our lives. No doubt my Q2 health review will reflect this expanded focus.

Apr 03

Q1 GOAL REVIEW: How are you doing?



It’s time for our Q1 review of goals we set in January. If you made progress—good job!

If you struggled to keep going, you still have a whole 3 quarters; 9 months; 273 days left in 2017.

If your goals weren’t quite right, now is the time to reassess, revise and recommit.

Here it the progress I’ve made on my writing goals—not to show you how great I am, but to encourage you to keep going on your own goals.

Books I am Working On

I am Rahab (With Faith Like Hers): Goal: release mid 2017.

Progress: A proof is being reviewed by trusted readers for content, theology and scriptural accuracy. Expected release date is the second half of 2017. 


Rebuild Your Tattered Temple: Goal: complete final draft for release mid 2018.

Progress: I continue to read this as a private devotional adding comments as I go. I expect to begin revising Q3 or Q4.


Jesus Wants What? Atop the Mountain Goal: determine traditional or indie publishing of these two books by June but keep writing.

Progress: I continue to tweak these. I need to focus more in Q2.


My Beautiful Feet: Goal: determine traditional or indie by June but keep writing.

Progress: It is still a rough draft but I’m having a blast, seeing what Scripture has to say about shoes and our feet as they relate to “How beautiful are the feet that bring good news of the salvation” (Isaiah 52:7; Romans 10:14-15).


From What if to Whatever: Goal: determine traditional or indie by June but keep writing.

Progress: This book continues to be extremely difficult to write, which indicates the importance to keep writing it. Goal for Q2 is to have the chapter order determined and fleshed out into a first draft.


I am Deborah/I am Hannah (With Faith Like Hers): Goal: to begin first draft of Deborah study.

Progress: I have listed the lessons for Deborah but set the book aside in favor of a study of Hannah. I have 32 lessons for Hannah (too many). Goal for Q2 is to determine the chapters and flesh each chapter into a first draft.

Branding/Website Presence

  • Goal: Settle on new vision statement, mission statement and author tag line to help focus my writing and website. Revamp website to make it more user friendly with things of more value to people and for people to understand who I am more easily. Have an author presence on FB in a more purposeful manner. I now post a question or two with link to weekly post on Monday; meme for inspiration on Fridays.  DONE see post.

  • Offer downloadable books on website quarterly. I wanted the first free book in Q1 to be my study Wielding the Sword. I removed it from Kindle sale, but have had to wait until I fulfilled my 90-day requirement with Amazon. That 90-day period will be ending and the book will become available here at CarolPetersonAuthor.com within the next couple of months.

I am excited to be creating numerous titles that will be available exclusively on this website in the future—as gifts to my faithful subscribers. Stay tuned.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? How are you doing moving toward the goals you set in January? What keeps you going? What roadblocks have you hit? In what way do you need to revise or recommit?

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