Sep 19

FOR FAITH: Live a Life Worthy

Ephesians 4 1-3

I am out of town this week. I could think of nothing more inspirational to share with you than a verse of Scripture.

I just began a 12-week homiletic class studying Ephesians, so I’ve chosen one of everyone’s zillion favorite verses from that great book.


Sep 15

MORE PRAYING NAMES: Donald, Jacob, Linda, Penelope

LarkspurI love praying that people will live the meaning of their names. Once you know what a name means, it’s easy to remember to pray for them in that way. So here are four more names, their meaning and a prayer; two each for girls and boys.

If you’d like me to research names of your loved ones, please leave a comment below. I’ll find out what the name means and next month I’ll create a prayer especially for you to pray for them.


DONALD (DON): mighty ruler

Heavenly Father, we pray that Donald will live the meaning of his name. We pray that he will be strong and mighty in his faith and that he will get his true strength from you. We pray that he will recognize that you are ruler of all creation and will rejoice in his part of your world. Amen.


JACOB (JAKE): he who supplants

Heavenly Father, we pray that Jacob will live the meaning of his name. We pray that he will do away with desires of the world and supplant them instead with every good thing you desire for his life. We pray that he will encourage others in their faith in you, planting seeds of your love along the way. Amen.


LINDA: pretty

Heavenly Father, we pray that Linda will live the meaning of her name. We pray she will understand that you have made her so very good and that she is beautiful in your eyes. We pray that her beauty will come from a quiet spirit which is so pleasing to you. We pray she will see your beauty and know her place in your world. Amen.


PENELOPE: weaver

Heavenly Father, we pray that Penelope will live the meaning of her name. We pray she will look at her life to see the ways you have woven your love into it. We pray she will use her faith in you to weave fabric that will cover her with your strength, goodness and love so she will be clothed in your righteousness all the days of her life. Amen.

Over at my publishing site Honor Bound Books, I create prayer plaques, suitable for framing as gifts for your loved ones, so that others can pray their names also. 

Sep 12

OZ AND I: Moving the Trophy off the Shelf

OZ AND I image copyThis morning Oswald Chambers whacked me more gently than usual, by realigning some of my thinking.

I had a writing colleague with whom I worked on a Christian site for young women. This friend referred to herself as “Trophy of Grace.” In those three words, she summarized what God had done for her since she became His.



I’ve thought about her title a great deal over the years, loving that she recognized how God had taken hold of her life and used it in a way that glorified Him.

But today, Oz took my thinking a step further saying:

“The Holy Spirit interprets and explains the nature of Jesus to me to make me one with my Lord, not that I might simply become a trophy for His showcase.”

In other words, while Jesus does indeed want our lives to be an example of victory through Him, He wants more than that. He wants us to be one with Him. And being one with Him, means living as He did—not sitting in the corner of the Temple (or being a dusty trophy in a showcase) but heading out into the world to witness for Him.

My friend died over a year ago, leaving behind a husband and young family. She was never simply a trophy for God’s showcase. She lived what Oz suggested—going out into the world and being one with her Lord.

I thank God for her life and for the legacy she left behind. She was and is still a trophy, not on His shelf, but as part of God’s eternal roadshow.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Is your life a trophy of God’s grace? Do you keep it to yourself or take it on the road with you?

Today’s post is based on the devotional dated September 4 from Oswald Chambers’ My Utmost for His Highest.

Sep 08


Fireworks 2 verticalThank you to everyone who helped me celebrate the launch of my Bible study series, With Faith Like Hers last week. Thank you especially to Chris Vonada, Lynn Mosher and Terrie Thorpe for hosting me at their terrific sites. 

And thank you to everyone who left a comment and shared posts on Facebook. That entered  you into a drawing . Here are the winners:

Eve Kindle Cover


WINNER of I am Eve print copy: Anna W.



WINNER of I am Esther print copy: Sheri M.



Ruth book cover only


WINNER of I am Ruth print copy: Paula D.


3 scrubs no words for HBB


WINNER of 16-ounce jar of Esther’s Spa sugar scrub: Pam B.

(your choice of Eve, Esther or Ruth)



If you didn’t win, you can still collect your freebies from last week here and at Other special deals are available on the books at The Kindle price will remain $1.99 for the rest of September.

Again, thanks to everyone for helping me celebrate the launch of this series. Really, it’s a celebration of me being obedient to God’s leading. That’s sometimes tough folks, but so worth it, right?


Sep 05


Holiday 345Gifts you say? More gifts?


If you’ve been part of my cyber celebration for the launch of my Bible study series, With Faith Like Hers, you know that each day—either here or on my friends’ sites, I’ve offered free gifts from me to you.

One of the gifts has been a secret.




I reduced the price of all three books for the Kindle version for this week. Those books had been priced at $2.99 and will be again. But for this week, they’ve been $1.99 as my gift to you in celebration of cyber launch week.

The secret is today’s gift: I’m extending the $1.99 Kindle price through September.

Launch 3 covers no date

For the entire month of September, you can get each of the studies in the With Faith Like Hers Bible study series for just $1.99 each. That’s:

I am Eve for $1.99

I am Esther for $1.99

I am Ruth for $1.99

For the rest of September.

You’ll want to get busy reading because the next study, I am Mary releases later this Fall, in time for a Christmas study of the mother of our Savior. And—yes! Esther’s Spa will also release a custom-blended fragrance to honor Mary.


Thanks so much for joining my celebration as I launch this series. I hope you’ve had fun.

You still have a chance to head to each location (and here) to share the posts on your Facebook page and leave a comment (and your email address). That enters you in the drawing for a print copy of one of the books or a jar of Esther’s Spa body scrub.

Who gets what?

The first name drawn gets I am Eve. The second name drawn gets I am Esther. The third name drawn gets I am Ruth. The fourth name drawn gets a choice of one of the body scrubs.

If you missed any chances to enter, here they are again:

Tuesday: Chris Vonada’s site

Wednesday: Lynn Mosher’s site

Thursday: Terrie Thorpe’s site

And here every day this week. So go enter! Then come back Monday and see who won! Good luck!



Sep 04


Holiday 228The party is still going on here and elsewhere across the Internet.

Today, please head over to Terrie Thorpe’s site: Light for the Journey. I’m guesting there, chatting about the writing of I am Esther, the story of beautiful Queen Esther, whose life God orchestrated, taking her from unknown Jewish exile to the queen of the largest empire at the time, putting her in the right place at the right time to help God deliver her people from annihilation.


Did you try Esther’s Hamantaschen cookies at Monday’s Cyber Launch Lunch? Their are still plenty of cookies  left to munch on (recipes anyway). Go here.

All week I’ve been offering you special deals and free stuff. Here’s a summary:

  • Those recipes for all the foods at the Cyber Launch Lunch to honor the women in Scripture.
  • Buy any two of the three books in the series, email me a copy of the receipt from Amazon and I’ll send you a pdf of the third book. FREE.
  • Go to Honor Bound Books for free downloadable and printable bookmarks and Power Point leader slides.
  • A  drawing. Three names will be drawn, taken from comments left here and at my friends’ sites. Those three people will receive a print copy of one of the three studies in my series With Faith Like Hers. 

Today’s news: There will be a fourth name drawn.

Queen Esther underwent a year-long spa treatment before she was presented to the King. In recognition of  our womanly love of pampering, my daughter and I have created a line of beauty products to honor each of the women in this Bible study series. This line is called

Esther Spa red

and it begins with a luscious exfoliating sugar scrub.

The fourth name that will be drawn next week, will receive a 16-ounce jar of this invigorating body scrub—a choice of one of the custom-blended fragrances:


Eve Kindle Cover

EVEa luscious fruity blend of pomegranate and mango that Eve might have enjoyed in the Garden.

Click to order I am Eve





ESTHER: a blend of jasmine, lilac and lilies that might have grown in Queen Esther’s Persian palace grounds.

Click to order I am Esther




Ruth-Front cover

RUTH: a cooling blend of white tea, ginger and honeysuckle that Ruth might have relaxed into after a day in the harvest fields.

Click to order I am Ruth



A body scrub is a better gift for women than for men, but it is what I offer today. And if a guy wins, he probably has a special woman in his life who would love it, right?

Go to Honor Bound Books for more information on the new product launch of Esther’s Spa.

Then share this post on your Facebook page and leave a comment here with your email address so I can contact the winners. And make sure to go to all of the sites in this week’s launch and leave comments for more chances to win. Good luck!

Sep 03


Holiday 393

Cyber Launch Wednesday means more gifts.

Please head over to visit my friend and awesome Bible teacher Lynn Mosher. I’m guesting on her lovely site, sharing about the writing of I am Ruth, whose amazing life has been recorded in Scripture for us.




While you’re there, enter my drawing for a print copy of one of the three Bible studies. You enter by sharing the post on your Facebook page and leaving a comment on her site with your email address so I can contact you if you win.

But wait! you said gifts, didn’t you? As in free stuff?

Yup! In addition to the drawing, all this week, I’m offering that if you purchase two of the three books in this series (either print or Kindle) and email me a copy of the receipt from Amazon, I’ll send you the pdf of the third for free.

That’s an old offer, Carol! What’s new for today?

Head over to my publishing site, Honor Bound Books and click on the Leader’s Help Page. There, I’ve created downloadable and printable bookmarks for each of the three books. There are also downloadable Power Point slides you can view (and download) to see if doing a group study might work for the women in your life.

OK, so that’s cool, but it’s just downloadable free stuff. Don’t you have something more?

Hang on. Tomorrow is coming…with another goodie. So return here tomorrow. And remember to visit my friends, share their posts (and the ones here) on your Facebook page and leave a comment. Enter the drawing as often as you can.

Good luck!


Sep 02


presentI have gifts for you!

Head over to Chris Vonada’s site today. He’s interviewing me about the writing of my Bible study series With Faith Like Hers, with an emphasis on I am Eve. 

While you’re there, share his post on your Facebook page and leave a comment at his site with your email address. That will enter you in my drawing to win a print copy of one of the three books in the series.

The more often you enter, the better your chance of winning. So visit all the sites in my cyber schedule and enter each day. In fact, go ahead and share this post on your Facebook page and leave a comment here again for one more chance to win.



Also, all week I’ll have special offers for you. They’re like little gifts.

You’ll find my first special offer over at Chris Vonada’s site: If you purchase any two of the three books in the series, email me a copy of your Amazon receipt and I’ll send you a pdf of the third book. That’s a receipt for either the print or Kindle version of any two of the three books. That offer is good all week. Send it to:

The Kindle price is a very low $1.99 per book. More on that later.

Tomorrow I’ll have another special offer for you—right here. Come back to see what it is.

Launch 3 covers no date


Maybe you’ll be a lucky winner of a copy of one of these books, but until you find out next Monday, you can check out the series for yourself and cross your fingers. Click on the links below:


I am Eve

I am Esther

I am Ruth


Of course you first have to enter the drawing if you want to win. So share this post on your Facebook page and leave a comment with your email address so I can contact you if you win.


Good luck!


Sep 01

WITH FAITH LIKE HERS: There’s a Party Goin’ On

Fireworks 3

Great celebrations start with food. Are you hungry?

Welcome to my CYBER LAUNCH LUNCH  to celebrate the launch of my new Bible study series, With Faith Like Hers.

Getting the food through your computer is messy though. I’m giving you recipes to download instead, so you can make them in your own kitchen. Each recipe honors one of the three women in this Bible study series.

« ♦ »




Before you start eating, here’s a schedule of where to join in more fun this week. You’ll want to visit each location, share the post on your Facebook page and leave a comment after the post to enter my drawing. Three people will be announced winners next Monday. Winners will receive one of the studies: I am Eve, I am Esther or I am Ruth.


« ♦ »


MONDAY: CYBER LAUNCH LUNCH. You’re here! Make sure to share the post on Facebook and leave your email address here in a comment to be entered into the drawing and so I can contact the winners.

TUESDAY: Head over to He’ll be interviewing me and you’ll want to share his post on Facebook and leave a comment there too to double your chance of winning a book.

WEDNESDAY: Jump over to I’m a guest at her lovely site, discussing the writing of I am Ruth. Share her post on Facebook and leave a comment there too, to triple your chance of winning.

THURSDAY: Hang out with me at TerrieThorpe’s site. There I’ll share a bit about writing I am Esther. Share on Facebook and leave a comment, because, you know…

FRIDAY: Come back here and check out my special offers for the week. And, yes, share and leave another comment to enter once more.

MONDAY: I’ll announce the winners right here.

I’ll also have special offers throughout the week on this site.

« ♦ »

Thanks for helping me celebrate the launch of this series that is so dear to my heart! Here are links to each book on Amazon. Please check them out.


Launch 3 covers no date

Click to order I am Eve

Click to order I am Esther

Click to order I am Ruth


Now, grab your napkin and download the recipes below. Bon Appetit!

« ♦ »

Cyber Launch Lunch Menu


Eve’s Garden Salad

Genesis tells us that Adam and Eve hid in the bushes when God came looking for them. And they covered themselves in fig leaves after they ate the forbidden fruit. Although Scripture doesn’t tell us what type of fruit was forbidden, the poor apple often gets the blame.

Here’s a salad I created to honor Eve. It’s full of leaves, figs and apples. Yum!


Eve's Salad


Click below for recipe

Eve Garden Salad


Ruth’s Bean and Barley Soup

This rich bean and barley soup honors Ruth. She gets her barley fresh from her husband, Boaz’ field but you can find all the ingredients at your local grocery. If you delete the Parmesan cheese and sour cream, even you vegans can enjoy this delicious recipe.


Bean and barley soup


Click below for recipe

Ruth Soup


Esther’s Hamantaschen Cookies

There’s always dessert with my meals. This one is served during the Jewish celebration of Purim—the holiday decreed by Queen Esther. They’re traditionally formed into triangles to represent evil Haman’s hat. But for some of us, it’s easier to fold them in half, bake and pop them straight into our mouths. Delish!


Purim Cookies


 Click below for recipe

Esther Hamantashen Cookies


Aug 29


hot sunny sky

Give me chilly breezes or whipping rain any day over those hot days of summer. As we bring August to a close,

♦ We still have a few weeks of official summer left.

♦ We still have a few weeks of over 90-degree weather to come.

♦ We still have a few weeks of cranking up the air conditioner before tossing it a kiss and thanking it for helping us through another season.


But an end to August makes it feel  like an end to summer heat…

…when cooler days means we can open our windows and listen to the birdies echoing our joy. The end to August gives us hope.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What do you feel when when summer ends?

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