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In January, I began posing questions for you to meditate on the ways we are similar to Eve—the first woman God created. Here are January’s questions. Here are the two from February.

This month, we consider our place in the world.

  • In what ways do I live amid incomparable beauty?

Think about our world. What is most beautiful? What most clearly points toward God as creator? How does the beauty of our world make you think about the glory of Heaven?

  • In what ways do I have stewardship over the earth?

What responsibilities do I have to protect and conserve God’s resources? What can I do more of or less of as steward of the earth? What do I feel most passionately about protecting?

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NOTE: The above image is Multnomah Falls, Oregon, just one of the extraordinarily beautiful places in our world; and definitely on my list of “wanna see” places. Photo courtesy of

If you’d like to study more about the character and circumstances of Eve and how you might learn the lessons she has to teach, I would love for you to check out my Bible study devotional I am Eve. It is available in print or Kindle format at

Mar 20

PRAYING NAMES: Louise and Martin

Louise Martin


I love to pray that people would live the meaning of their names. Once you know what their names mean, it’s easy to remember to pray for them in that way.

Each month, I create prayers based on the meaning of names. The root of the name of the month March comes from Mars, the Roman god of war. It is appropriate therefore that our two names for March both have to do with the theme of war: Louise and Martin.

If you know someone with these names, please pray for them. If you have someone you’d like me to create a prayer for, please leave a comment and I’ll return in a future month with a prayer especially for them.

Louise; Louisa: fights with honor; renowned warrior

Dear Jesus, we pray Louise will live the meaning of her name. We pray she will realize the depth of the spiritual battle of good and evil that surrounds her. We pray she will put on your full armor for protection from evil and will fight in your army with honor. Please surround her with your protection and guard her from evil all the days of her life. Amen.

Martin, Marty: warlike

Dear Jesus, we pray Martin will live the meaning of his name. We pray he will stand tall in the fight against evil and that he will remain a soldier in your army. Please secure your armor on Martin and protect him from evil at all times. Amen.

Mar 13





One of my favorite movie quotes is from Red Planet. When the astronauts were stranded on Mars, Astronaut Gallagher (Val Kilmer) came up with an idea to make it to a place for rescue. His plan involved difficult mathematical calculations. He stated:

“This is it. That moment they told us in high school where one day, algebra would save our lives.”

So maybe today isn’t that day for us. But today is definitely a day to think about math and smile. Because tomorrow is pi day.

March 14 is celebrated by mathematicians and geeks worldwide. Written in numerical form, March 14 (written as 3.14) contains the first 3 digits of the mathematical calculation of pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. For those of us who aren’t math lovers, we can have some word play and focus on March 14 as the day to eat pie.

…All of which reminds me of Jesus.

  • Although the mathematical constant pi begins with 3.14, the calculation—3.14159265358979323846… is never ending and the digits never repeat in sequence.

    God the Father was, is and ever shall be. He is never ending and each of His creations is completely unique and distinctive, no matter how many critters, people and snowflakes He makes.


  • Pie with the e tacked on, is a luscious dessert made with a crust and filled with sweet goodness.  The crust is basically the foundation to the dessert. Without the crust, a pie would just be a mass of sticky goop.

Jesus is the foundation of our faith. Without Him, some of us might be sweet, but we’d all be a formless mess.


  • The pie’s filling, usually fruit, reminds us that when we live for Jesus, we live out our faith in a way that brings fruit of the Spirit—those things in Galatians:

…the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23 NIV).

  • Pie is a dessert. It’s the very final and most delicious part of the meal.

Just so, when we have Jesus in our lives, we are assured of heaven—our final home; the best most perfect part of the universe where our stay will be eternal.

The only tweak is that heaven is not our “just dessert.” The phrase “just dessert” (or “just desert” as some grammarians assert) refers to what we deserve.* No human who ever lived deserves heaven. Fortunately, Jesus assures us that we get it anyway. Thank you, Jesus.

Happy pi day!


*NOTE: There is disagreement of the origin of the phrase “just desserts” vs “just deserts.” Some say the archaic word was originally spelled “desert” but with the accent on the second syllable so it is pronounced “dessert.” Nevertheless, the phrase means “you get what you deserve” regardless of its spelling. So focus on the fun word play and the meaning behind it. We’ll leave the history of words to someone else. That way we can focus on the pie!

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