Aug 13

MANNA: What Feeds You?


When the Israelites were wandering the desert, God sent them manna. That heavenly food fed their bodies and lessened their tendency to whine about their circumstances.

The other thing about the manna was that God sent it daily. The Israelites were not allowed to gather more than they could use in a day (except on the day before the Sabbath). Anything beyond what they could use went bad and had to be thrown away.

For me, writing daily is a kind of manna. It feeds my body soul and releases the pent-up ideas in my head, so I don’t explode mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

When I don’t have the chance to sit down and write each day, I begin to feel edgy. Uncomfortable. Anxious.

CP desk side

My sweet husband recognizes my need for writing manna. He encourages me to go into my office each day, shut the door and stay there as long as I need to.

To further encourage me, he spent weeks creating this glorious desk to help feed me spiritually and hopefully, feed others through the words I string together.

And are you surprised? Woodworking is manna to his soul.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What is your manna? Are you able to partake of it daily? If not, how can you do so regularly?

Aug 06


Ecc 12 12


The trick for most of us writers is to ignore the muse sitting on our shoulder; shooing her away like she’s an annoying fly as she continues to whisper book ideas and titles and sometime fully-developed plot lines in our ears.

Ecclesiastes 12:12 is my life verse—at least in my writing. At any one time, I’m actively working on three to five books in various stage of completion. And there are another 20 books waiting patiently in their computer files until I get to them.

But it’s all good. Because as King Solomon—the wisest person who ever lived—reminds us in Ecclesiastes 12:12, there is no end to books to be written.

That’s great news for us writers who must write because we must write.

It’s also great news for those of us who love to read books—all kinds; all genres; all shapes and sizes.

With that in mind, later this month, the wonderful writing group I am part of—Idaho Creative Authors Network (ICAN)—is hosting the Third Annual Book Extravaganza, where local authors and local readers can come together and share their love of books.

Come join us.

August 18, 2018
10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Caldwell Public Library
Dean Miller Conference Room
1010 Dearborn Street
Caldwell, Idaho

ICAN logo

Jul 30

IT’S TIME AGAIN: Q2 Goal Review



Where did June go?

The end of June marked the end of the second quarter of 2018. It was time for our Q2 goal review three weeks ago. How did you do?

Here’s a short recap, to keep me accountable and to encourage you to look back on your goals and look forward to achieving them.

I released the following books this year:

  • You & Me at the Sea—a picture book in triplet rhyme for kids ages 4-7

  • Flowers, Gemstones & Jesus: Special Dates Calendar—a companion book to FG&J: Finding Jesus in the Months of the Year.

  • I set aside a goal to work on I am Hannah until 2019. Meanwhile, I added a goal to begin a new series of books for writers: Writer’s Book Shelf. To that end, I re-released The Praying Writer as part of that series and released a second book The Write Brand: Becoming Known in the World.

 Basically, I uber-achieved my goals for the first half of the year and have revised my goals for the remainder of 2018:

  • Finish a third book in the Writer’s Book Shelf series with a goal to release it early 2019

  • Finish a third revision of a middle grade novel

  • Pursue traditional publishing of My Beautiful Feet (based on Isaiah 52:7).

That’s it. See how simple a goal review can be? Yet—wow—I feel more empowered now than I did just 10 minutes ago.

I wish you the same: Review your goals. Then get back to work. Stay encouraged.

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