Nov 12


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This month we look at two more lessons about what we can learn from the character and circumstances of Jesus’ mother, Mary. Here is last month’s post.

I live the meaning of the name Mary

The name Mary means sea of bitterness. Ruth’s mother-in-law Naomi tried to change her name to Mara (a variation of Mary) because she felt bitter with life. Why then would we ever want to live the meaning of the name Mary?

It can remind us that God can make good come from bad situations.

It can remind us that we can be a refuge for other people who are experiencing bitterness in their lives.

It can remind us that the power of God allows us to rise above bitter circumstances and quench our thirst with the sweet-tasting living water of Jesus.

It can remind us that when we are on the sea of bitterness, Jesus is there in the boat with us, calming the waves and holding out his hand and asking us to walk upon that sea with Him.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? How has Jesus helped you rise above bitterness in your life? How might you help someone else?


I accept stewardship over the people God has placed in my life

God has placed people in our lives and He expects us to care for them; maybe not financially or physically, but to care for their spiritual and emotional needs by modeling our faith; praying for their needs; sharing God’s love with them.

God expects us to care also for our own physical and spiritual needs through our relationship with Him and how we care for these earthly bodies. He also expects us to care for our children and other family members, people we work with, friends, neighbors, people we pass on the street. He expects us to model our faith, treat others kindly, be a light in the world.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Who in your life might need extra care from you right now? How might you accomplish that?


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Nov 05

MANNA: Focusing Our Thoughts

Manna focus wordThe word manna has been my one-word focus for 2018. As always, when *I* select a word (or in reality when God inspires me with one), I end the year with a few surprising insights I didn’t expect.

This year, I had no idea what the word would mean—other, of course, than the meaning of food, daily provision and Scripture.

Yes, I did gain new insights into those, but also my mind was opened to the need for daily or at least regular manna for the soul as well as the body and mind. Certain  people and activities help us maintain balance in our lives and feed our creativity, our sense of well-being and even our joy.

I hope you have followed along with me on my journey this year, understanding more about manna from heaven and what God provides.

As we begin the month of November, I am now opening my thoughts to a word that God might use to teach me during 2019. What will it be? I have a few thoughts, but between now and December 31, I have become used to the reality that what I might have in mind isn’t necessarily (or usually) what God has in mind.

Fortunately, His ideas are better than anything I might come up with on my own.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you select a single word each year to help you focus? What has it been for 2018? Do you have one for 2019 yet?


Oct 29



All Saints Day occurs each year on November 1. It is the day we celebrate our lives as members of Jesus’  family, both those of us alive today and those departed believers who—along with us—will live with Him forever.

The evening before All Saints Day is All Hallows Eve (All Holy Ev’n-ing) which we have shortened to Halloween.

So, go ahead and celebrate the evening before All Saints Day with popcorn balls, apple cider and a fun-sized candy bar (or two) as the pint-sized goblins, princesses and superheroes knock on your door.

Halloween is not a day of evil—unless you allow Satan to make it so. Focus on the roots of the holy day as an early Christian recognition of all us saints.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? Do you celebrate being a believer in Christ every day? If not, what’s stopping you from having your own “Come to Jesus moment” right now?

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